Team Martin Schlichenmaier

Research areas

Martin Schlichenmaier and his group research interests include geometric (algebraic-geometric, symplectic-geometric, analytic-geometric, differential-geometric), analytic, and algebraic theories and techniques which have a close connection to mathematical and theoretical physics. In particular work has focused on:

  • Kähler manifolds and algebraic varieties, especially problems appearing when they will be quantized,
  • mathematical aspects of the quantization of singular spaces,
  • star products (deformation quantization) as deformation of the Poisson algebras of manifolds, together with all relations to other mathematical fields in particular also to non-commutative geometry,
  • moduli spaces, in particular the moduli space of algebraic curves with marked points, conformal field theory, Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten models (WZNW models),
  • geometrically induced Lie algebras, algebras of Krichever-Novikov type, their cohomology, their central extensions, and their deformations,
  • geometry of coherent states.
  • Regularisation of field theories and related topics



Martin Schlichenmaier (Prof. Dr.) - Head of the group

Regular Guests:

Oleg Sheinman (Prof. Dr.)

Former Members:

Laurent La Fuente-Gravy (Dr.)
François Petit (Dr.)
Jill Marie-Anne Ecker (Dr.)
Ozgur Ceyhan (Dr.)
Olivier Elchinger (Dr.)
Xiongwei Cai (Dr.)
Stephane Korvers (Dr.)
Oleksandr Iena (Dr.)
Hector Castejon-Diaz (Dr.)
Alain Leytem (Dr.)
Wei Hong (Dr.)
Salim Riviere (Dr.)
Peter Browne Roenne (Dr.)
Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Dr.)
Matteo Tommasini (Dr.)
Yannick Voglaire (Dr.)
Laurent Hofer (Dr.)
Simon Covez (Dr.)
Simon Brain (Dr.)
Mikael Chopp (Dr.)
Lucio Cirio (Dr.)
Yaël Frégier (Dr.)
Aron Gohr (Dr.)
Kevin Kaszewski
Frank Keller (Dr.)
Roland Knevel (Dr.)
Alexei Kotov (Dr.)
Marie-Amélie Lawn (Dr.)
Hui Li (Dr.)
Chiara Pagani (Dr.)
Serge Pelap (Dr.)
Boris Shoikhet (Dr.)
Bing Kwan So (Dr.)

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