Current members: 

Dr Stephanie Kreis (Assistant Professor)

Dr Christiane Wurth-Margue (Research Scientist)

Dr Geoffroy Walbrecq (Post-Doc Scientist)

Demetra Philippidou (Senior technician)

Odile Lecha (Technician)

Milène Tetsi Nomigni (Technician)

Ines Kozar (DTU CanBio PhD student)

Tijana Randic (DTU CriTiCs PhD student)

Vincent Gureghian (DTU CanBio PhD student)

Research topics:

  • Melanoma biology and drug resistance mechanisms
  • miRNAs (regulation, function, role as biomarkers, transmission by exosomes)
  • Transcriptional regulation with focus on non-coding RNAs
  • Kinase inhibitor (combinatorial) testing in novel 3D cell models
  • qCLASH technology for identification of non-canonical miRNA binding sites


  • CanBio: DTU with LIH, 2 PhD positions (Ines Kozar and Vincent Gureghian)
  • CriTics: DTU with LCSB, 1 PhD position (Tijana Randic)


Stephanie Kreis