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REMEDIS - A secure medication dispenser

Date de début: 1 février 2022
Date de fin: 31 janvier 2024


Medical non-adherence (MNA) is identified in the literature as one of the most pressing issues in health care. It claimslives, accelerates patients’ health deterioration, and its economic impact is tremendous: 818 billion USD annually (WHO,2020). In developed countries, among patients with chronic illnesses, medical non-adherence averages at 50%. Theelderly are particularly vulnerable. Dementia could increase MNA to 58 – 89.3%, studies have shown. The more complextheir medication regimen is, the more likely they tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum. It is particularly devastatingas their health rapidly deteriorates due to MNA. With our ageing demographics, this problem escalates quickly, and ourecosystem cannot keep up: professional caregivers are overwhelmed, underpaid, and nursing homes can not providesolutions alone. The literature estimates mistakes in administering medications in nursing homes are between 16-42%.REMEDIS is an automated medication dispenser. It is being developed to see through patients struggling with dementia. Itsorts their medication and reminds them of each medication intake. REMEDIS automates the sorting process to the benefitof the patient and simultaneously overcomes all challenges automation presents. How to mitigate if the machineerroneously dispenses a pill? What if the device works fine but was not filled correctly in the first place? How do we makesure users do know what medications are they taking? Until now, the industry has not come up with a solution that givessatisfying answers to these questions. REMEDIS conclusively solves all three problems and is on its way to being the firstsecure pill dispenser on the market. Our technology and system design has multiple checkpoints and can be deployedanywhere to assist medication intake. After the automated sorting process, our software verifies every pill beforedispensation. Then the user can identify at a glance which pills they have in their hands independently from our verificationprocess.We focus on creating a reliable product for those who cannot rely on managing their medication intake on their own. Ourgoal with this project is to develop a prototype and prepare for commercialisation. We are going to use these two years toput the most value into our future spinoff.