Amro Najjar

Amro Najjar
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
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See detailEnhancing Trust in Trust Services: Towards an Intelligent Human-input-based Blockchain Oracle (IHiBO)
Yu, Liuwen; Zichichi, Mirko; Markovich, Réka; Najjar, Amro

in Proceedings of the 55th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2022, January)

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See detailExpectation: Personalized Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Decentralized Agents with Heterogeneous Knowledge
Calvaresi, Davide; Ciatto, Giovanni; Najjar, Amro; Aydogan, Reyhan; van der Torre, Leon; Omicini, Andrea; Schumacher, Michael

in Calvaresi, Davide; Najjar, Amro; Winikoff, Michael; Främling, Kary (Eds.) Explainable and Transparent AI and Multi-Agent Systems - Third International Workshop, EXTRAAMAS 2021, Virtual Event, May 3-7, 2021, Revised Selected Papers (2021)

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See detailRethinking Trust in Social Robotics
Carli, Rachele; Najjar, Amro

in arXiv (2021)

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See detailProceedings of BNAIC/BeneLearn 2021
Leiva, Luis A.; Pruski, Cedric; Markovich, Réka; Najjar, Amro; Schommer, Christoph

Book published by BnL (2021)

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See detailNew-Generation AIs Reasoning about Norms and Values
Markovich, Réka; Najjar, Amro; van der Torre, Leon

in Logics for New-Generation AI 2021 (2021)

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See detailArgumentation in Trust Services within a Blockchain Environment
Yu, Liuwen; Zichichi, Mirko; Najjar, Amro; Markovich, Réka

in Leiva, Luis A.; Pruski, Cedric; Najjar, Amro; Markovich, Réka; Schommer, Christoph (Eds.) Proceedings of the 33rd Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 30th Belgian Dutch Conference on Machine Learning (BNAIC/BENELEARN 2021) (2021)

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See detailEthical Concerns and Opportunities in Binding Intelligent Systems and Blockchain Technology
Calvaresi, Davide; Piguet, Jean-Gabriel; Calbimonte, Jean-Paul; Kampik, Timotheus; Najjar, Amro; Gadek, Guillaume; Schumacher, Michael; Prieta, Fernando De La; Mathieu, Philippe; Arango, Jaime Andrés Rincón; Bolock, Alia El; Val, Elena Del; Prunera, Jaume Jordán; Carneiro, João; Fuentes, Rubén; Lopes, Fernando; Julián, Vicente

in Highlights in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems and Trust-worthiness. The PAAMS Collection - International Workshops of PAAMS 2020, L'Aquila, Italy, October 7-9, 2020, Proceedings (2020)

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