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Knowledge Discovery and Mining

Objectifs de recherche

About us

The MINE research group follows an interdisciplinary research approach and is embedded in a field that deals with the application of Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. In this context, we collaborate across departments with colleagues from different faculties and some Interdisciplinary Centres such as the C2DH, LCSB, the new Ethics Centre, the departments of Linguistics, Cognitive Sciences, Life Sciences, Finance, and Philosophy. In addition, there are valuable connections with the FU Berlin, the University of Bologna, and UC London. We are currently very involved in the Esch 2022 Year of Culture and in the AI RoboLab of the University. In addition, there are student projects with industry partners such as RTL, IEE, European Investment Bank, SES and Post round off the research. MINE is a member of the AI Robolab of the university.

Currently, MINE consists of one professor, one PostDoc and six PhD students, and one secretary. In terms of educating students at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level, we are active at the University of Luxembourg (Master in Computer Science, Master in Mathematics, Master in Finance, Master in Philosophy; Bachelor in Computer Science, Bachelor in Computer Science) as well as at the FU Berlin and Singapore University Technology and Design (SUTD).


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Selected Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Information Retrieval and Learning
  • Data Science
  • Database Management

Current Team

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer
  • Isabelle Schroeder (Secretarian)
  • Dr. Vladimir Despotovic
  • MSc. Ekaterina Kamlovskaya
  • MSc. Daniel Karpati
  • MSc. Aliona Codrean
  • MSc. Nina Hosseini-Kivanani
  • MSc. Alejandro Campos Roboso
  • N.N. (PhD candidate)
  • N.N. (PostDoc researcher)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer


Projets de recherche actuels

C21 - Collaboration21

Plage de temps: 12 janvier 2022 - 12 janvier 2027
Financement: FNR - Industrial Fellowships
Organisations partenaires: CISCO
Participants: SCHOMMER, Christoph (Responsable de projet)


The public-private partnership COLLABORATION 21 is an interdisciplinary research program that responds to pressing 21st-century challenges such as the shortage of collaboration skills and the recent pandemic-induced “social distancing”. It aims to leverage digital technologies to enhance people’s experience for better collaborative learning and working.

Researchers from the University of …

Remedis - A Secure Medication Dispenser (REMEDIS)

Plage de temps: 1 janvier 2022 - 30 juin 2022
Financement: FNR - JUMP
Participants: SCHOMMER, Christoph (Responsable de projet), KARPATI, Daniel (Coordinateur de projets)


Medical non-adherence (MNA) is one of the most pressing issues in health care. It claims lives, accelerates patients’ health deterioration, and its economic impact is tremendous: 818 billion USD annually (WHO, 2020). In developed countries, among patients with chronic illnesses, medical non-adherence averages at 50%. The elderly are particularly vulnerable. …