RSF1040105 FNR SECOM - TESEGRAD 2005-2007

The TESEGRAD project, Techniques for Secure Grids and Ad-Hoc Networks, aims at developing new tools and infrastructures for secure grid and ad-hoc computing. Existing tools face severe limitations that hinder their use in a truly distributed environment.
New algorithms for cryptography based upon secret and public key systems will be developed. This new generation of tools aims at being lighter and more efficient in order to support embedded solutions. They will be integrated in secure infrastructures.

TESEGRAD is a 30 months FNR project (SECOM programmme) lead by Prof. Franck Leprevost. The team of Pascal Bouvry is in charge applying evolutionary computation for cryptology.
UL Members: Prof Dr Franck Leprevost, Prof Dr Pascal Bouvry, Nicolas Bernard, Minh Le Hoai (BFR), Gilbert Klein, André Stemper

Contact : Pascal Bouvry