GN2 - Joint Research Activity 5

Ubiquity (Mobility) and Roaming Access to Services

The project GN2 (Gigabit Network 2) is a pan-European research and infrastructure project, which is co-funded by the 6th R&D Framework Program of the European Commission. Its primary goal is to establish the world's most advanced gigabit network that interconnects researchers in entire Europe with up to 40 Gbit/s. This network carries an own name: the Geant2 network (Gigabit European Academic Network 2). Geant2 uses a new hybrid technology to establish the interconnection of its Points of Presence: parts of the network are traditionally routed (IPv4 & IPv6), other parts are connected via layer 2 switching to enhance response times and avoid IP routing engine delays. SECAN Lab participates actively in JRA5. Goal of this research activity is to enable scientists to use network and application resources independently of their location in Europe. They should be able to use their home login credentials to access other campus networks on the place they visit and be able to use resources of the visited places.

Contact :Thomas Engel