Main Research Projects



Development of an Adhesive Constitutive Material Law for the Assessment of the Load bearing Behaviour of Partial Bonded Composite Steel Glass Beams

UL Funded Project
Research Assistant: Vincent Dias
12.2009 – 11.2013



New, innovative discrete connections between insulating glass and steel for energy efficient building envelopes

Funded by the AMCFE
Research Assistant: Mike Tibolt
02.2011 - 01.2014



Impact of the building façade in terms of Comfort, Energy consumption and Sustainability - Development of Early Planning Stage Guidelines and Assessment Tools
in cooperation with Ass.-Prof. Frank Scholzen
Funded by the AMCFE
01.02.2012 -31.01.2015


Development of Improved Shear Connection Rules in Composite Beams
New design rules for shear connector resistance in composite beams with deep rolled sheeting for resource efficient construction.

Funded by the RFCS
Research Assistant: Sebastian Nellinger
07.2012 – 06.2015



Life-cycle design of point-fitted insulation glass units

UL Funded Project
Research Assistant: Yves Staudt
01.2014 – 01.2017



Semi-Rigid, Partial-Strength Composite Connections with Composite Slim Floor Beams

Funded by the AMCFE
Research Assistant: Job Duarte
05.2014 – 04.2018



Optimised Anchor Plates in Steel- and Composite Constructions with Regard to Construction Management and Load Bearing Capacity

FNR Luxembourg Funded Project
Research Assistant: Stephan Fromknecht
05.2005 – 04.2009



Numerical Simulation and Development of a Simplified Analysis Model for Semi-Rigid, Partial-Strength Composite Connections in Steel- and Concrete

UL Funded Project
Research Assistant: Christoph Hahn
12.2005 – 11.2009



Identification of Material Thermal Stress Strain Behaviour for Simulation of Conditions in Reactors

UL Funded Project
Research Assistant: David Rodrigues
03.2007 – 02.2011