Florian WERNER

Florian WERNER

Postdoctoral researcher

Faculté ou Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
Unité de recherche RU Physics and Materials Science
Adresse postale Laboratory for photovoltaics
41, rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux
Bureau sur le campus CRP Lippmann Belval, 1.146
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 6020
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 36020
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See detailChallenge in Cu-rich CuInSe2 thin film solar cells: Defect caused by etching
Elanzeery, Hossam; Melchiorre, Michele; Sood, Mohit; Babbe, Finn; Werner, Florian; Brammertz, Guy; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review Materials (2019), 3

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See detailSodium enhances indium-gallium interdiffusion in copper indium gallium diselenide photovoltaic absorbers
Colombara, Diego; Werner, Florian; Schwarz, Torsten; Cañero Infante, Ingrid; Fleming, Yves; Valle, Nathalie; Spindler, Conrad; Vacchieri, Erica; Rey, Germain; Guennou, Mael; Bouttemy, Muriel; Garzón Manjón, Alba; Peral Alonso, Inmaculada; Melchiorre, Michele; El Adib, Brahim; Gault, Baptiste; Raabe, Dierk; Dale, Phillip; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Nature Communications (2018)

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See detailHigh‐performance low bandgap thin film solar cells for tandem applications
Elanzeery, Hossam; Babbe, Finn; Melchiorre, Michele; Werner, Florian; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Progress in Photovoltaics (2018)

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See detailInterdiffusion and Doping Gradients at the Buffer/Absorber Interface in Thin-Film Solar Cells
Werner, Florian; Babbe, Finn; Burkhart, Jan; Spindler, Conrad; Elanzeery, Hossam; Siebentritt, Susanne

in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2018), 10

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See detailBuffer Layers, Defects, and the Capacitance Step in the Admittance Spectrum of a Thin-Film Solar Cell
Werner, Florian; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review Applied (2018), 9

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See detailAlkali treatments of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin‐film absorbers and their impact on transport barriers
Werner, Florian; Wolter, Max; Siebentritt, Susanne; Sozzi, Giovanna; Di Napoli, Simone; Menozzi, Roberto; Jackson, Philip; Witte, Wolfram; Carron, Romain; Avancini, Enrico; Weiss, Thomas; Buecheler, Stephan

in Progress in Photovoltaics (2018)

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See detailImproved environmental stability of highly conductive nominally undoped ZnO layers suitable for n-type windows in thin film solar cells
Hala, Matej; Kato, H.; Algasinger, M.; Inoue, Y.; Rey, Germain; Werner, Florian; Schubbert, Ch.; Dalibor, T.; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (2017), 161

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See detailHall measurements on low-mobility thin films
Werner, Florian

in Journal of Applied Physics (2017), 122

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See detailWhat is the dopant concentration in polycrystalline thin-film Cu(In,Ga)Se2 ?
Werner, Florian; Bertram, Tobias; Mengozzi, Jonathan; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Thin Solid Films (2017), 633

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See detailSpace-charge-limited currents in CIS-based solar cells
Zelenina, Anastasiya; Werner, Florian; Elanzeery, Hossam; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Applied Physics Letters (2017), 111

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See detailTransparent conductive CuCrO2 thin films deposited by pulsed injection metal organic chemical vapor deposition: up-scalable process technology for an improved transparency/conductivity trade-off
Crêpellière J.; Lunca Popa P.; Bahlawane N.; Leturcq R.; Werner, Florian; Siebentritt, Susanne; Lenoble D.

in Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2016)

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See detailEnvironmental stability of highly conductive nominally undoped ZnO layers
Hala, Matej; Inoue, Yukari; Kato, Iroki; Rey, Germain; Werner, Florian; Schubbert, Christian; Dalibor, Thomas; Siebentritt, Susanne

in IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference. Conference Record (2016), 978-1-5090-2724

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See detailOrdering kesterite improves solar cells:A low temperature post-deposition annealing study
Rey, Germain; Weiss, Thomas; Sendler, Jan; Finger, Ashley; Spindler, Conrad; Werner, Florian; Melchiorre, Michele; Hala, Matej; Guennou, Mael; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (2016), 151

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See detailPhotoluminescence studies in epitaxial CZTSe thin films
Sendler, Jan; Thevenin, Maxime; Werner, Florian; Redinger, Alex; Shuyi Li; Hägglund, Carl; Platzer-Björkman, Charlotte; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Journal of Applied Physics (2016), 120

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See detailDoping mechanism in pure CuInSe2
Werner, Florian; Colombara, Diego; Melchiorre, Michele; Valle, Nathalie; El Adib, B.; Spindler, Conrad; Siebentritt, Susanne


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