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10th Benelux Mathematical Olympiad

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Conférencier : Contact: Antonella Perucca
Date de l'événement : samedi 28 avril 2018 09:00 - 18:00
Lieu : Youth Hostel in Luxembourg City
2, rue du Fort Olisy
2261 Luxembourg

The Benelux Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematical competition for selected high-school students from Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands.
This year, for the special 10th edition, there will also be France, Switzerland and Ireland.
TIME: The competition is on *Saturday, April 28*.
PLACE: Youth Hostel in Luxembourg City (2, rue du Fort Olisy Luxembourg)
In the afternoon and evening, there will be the corrections and at the same time some mathematical activities for the students. What is mostly needed are correctors.
There is no problem for the language (knowing only English is fine, I have been told).
There is some flexibility (e.g. you can stay only in the afternoon).
This activity counts for the Outreach Module in the Doctoral School, but it is also a nice and enriching experience in itself.
Please inform A. Perucca *by February 3* if you can join us. That would be great!