Current members: 

Dr Stephanie Kreis (Assistant Professor)

Dr Christiane Wurth-Margue (Research Scientist)

Dr Geoffroy Walbrecq (Post-Doc Scientist)

Demetra Philippidou (Senior technician)

Odile Lecha (Technician)


Ines Kozar (DTU CanBio PhD student)

Tijana Randic (DTU CriTiCs PhD student)


Research topics:

microRNAs are short non-coding RNAs which are implicated in the regulation of many biological processes. Our research focuses on the role of microRNAs in cancer development and growth regulation with an emphasis on melanoma.

  • Drug resistance in melanoma (Christiane Wurth-Margue, Demetra Philippidou, Giulia Cesi, Ines Kozar, Tijana Randic)
  • New drug combinations for resistant BRAF -and wild-type melanoma (Christiane Wurth-Margue, Demetra Philippidou)
  • 3D cell culture models for melanoma drug testing (CORE application 2018) (SecMelPro, Fondation Cancer grant)
  • Regulatory transcriptional networks: functional roles of miRNAs (CanBio DTU, Ines Kozar)
  • New methods for identification of miRNA target genes (CLASH) (CanBio DTU, Ines Kozar)
  • Critical transitions in melanoma cells (CriTics DTU, Tijana Randic)

Several Projects 2018:

1. SecMelPro: The Role of the secretome in cancer (melanoma) progression (Funded by Fondation Cancer 2018-2021)

2. Identification of new kinase inhibitors (Funded partly by Fondation Cancer and UL IRP)


  • CanBio: DTU with LIH, 2 PhD positions: Ines Kozar and a second one to be filled
  • CriTics: DTU with LCSB, 1 PhD position Tijana Randic (August 2018)