Elisabeth Letellier

Elisabeth Letellier

Research scientist

Faculté ou Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
Unité de recherche RU Life Sciences
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Bureau sur le campus BioTech II, 4.28
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 6954
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See detailThe TNF Family of Ligands and Receptors: Communication Modules in the Immune System and Beyond
Dostert, Catherine; Grustat, M.; Letellier, Elisabeth; Brenner, D.

in Physiological Reviews (2019), 99(1),

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See detailIntegrated In Vitro and In Silico Modeling Delineates the Molecular Effects of a Synbiotic Regimen on Colorectal-Cancer-Derived Cells
Greenhalgh, Kacy; Ramiro Garcia, Javier; Heinken; Ullmann, Pit; Bintener, Tamara Jean Rita; Pacheco, Maria; Baginska, joanna; Shah, Pranjul; Frachet Bour, Audrey; Halder, Rashi; Fritz, Joëlle; Sauter, Thomas; Thiele, Ines; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth; Wilmes, Paul

in Cell Reports (2019), 27

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See detailIdentifying and targeting cancer-specific metabolism with network-based drug target prediction
Pacheco, Maria; Bintener, Tamara Jean Rita; Ternes, Dominik; Kulms, Dagmar; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth; Sauter, Thomas

in EBioMedicine (2019), 43(May 2019), 98-106

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See detailA new ALK isoform transported by extracellular vesicles confers drug resistance to melanoma cells
Cesi, Giulia; Philippidou, Demetra; Kozar, Ines; Kim, Y. J.; Bernardin, F.; Van Niel, G.; Wienecke-Baldacchino, A.; Felten, Paul; Letellier, Elisabeth; Dengler, S.; Nashan, D.; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Molecular Cancer (2018), (17:145),

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See detailThe microRNA-371~373 cluster represses colon cancer initiation and metastatic colonization by inhibiting the TGFBR2/ID1 signaling axis.
Ullmann, Pit; Rodriguez, Fabien; Schmitz, Martine; Meurer, Steffen K.; Qureshi-Baig, Komal; Felten, Paul; Ginolhac, Aurélien; Antunes, Laurent; Frasquilho, Sonia; Zugel, Nikolaus; Weiskirchen, Ralf; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth

in Cancer research (2018)

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See detailInsights into ligand stimulation effects on gastro-intestinal stromal tumors signalling.
Bahlawane, Christelle; Schmitz, Martine; Letellier, Elisabeth; Arumugam, Karthik; Nicot, Nathalie; Nazarov, Petr; Haan, Serge

in Cell Signal (2017)

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See detailLoss of Myosin Vb in colorectal cancer is a strong prognostic factor for disease recurrence
Letellier, Elisabeth; Schmitz, Martine; Ginolhac, Aurélien; Rodriguez, Fabien; Ullmann, Pit; Qureshi-Baig, Komal; Frasquilho, Sonia; Antunes, Laurent; Haan, Serge

in British Journal of Cancer (2017), 117(11), 1689-1701

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See detailTumor-Initiating Cells: a criTICal review of isolation approaches and new challenges in targeting strategies
qureshi-baig, komal; Ullmann, Pit; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth

in Molecular Cancer (2017)

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See detailCrosstalk between different family members: IL27 recapitulates IFNγ responses in HCC cells, but is inhibited by IL6-type cytokines
Rolvering, Catherine; Zimmer, Andreas; Kozar, Ines; Hermanns; Letellier, Elisabeth; Vallar, Laurent; Nazarov, Petr; Nicot, Nathalie; Ginolhac, Aurélien; Haan, Serge; Behrmann, Iris; Haan, Claude

in BBA Molecular Cell Research (2017)

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See detailFrom meta-genomics to causality: Understanding the role of colon cancer-associated bacteria in colorectal cancer
Ternes, Dominik; Wilmes, Paul; Letellier, Elisabeth; Haan, Serge

Poster (2017, February 05)

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See detailData on quantification of signaling pathways activated by KIT and PDGFRA mutants.
Bahlawane, Christelle; Schmitz, Martine; Letellier, Elisabeth; Arumugam, Karthik; Nicot, Nathalie; Nazarov, Petr; Haan, Serge

in Data in Brief (2016)

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See detailSOCS2: physiological and pathological functions.
Letellier, Elisabeth; Haan, Serge

in Frontiers in bioscience (Elite edition) (2016), 8

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See detailWhat Do We Learn from Spheroid Culture Systems? Insights from Tumorspheres Derived from Primary Colon Cancer Tissue.
Qureshi-Baig, Komal; Ullmann, Pit; Rodriguez, Fabien; frasquilho, sonia; nazarov, peter; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth

in PLoS ONE (2016), 11

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See detailHypoxia-responsive miR-210 promotes self-renewal capacity of colon tumor-initiating cells by repressing ISCU and by inducing lactate production
Ullmann, Pit; qureshi-baig, komal; Rodriguez, Fabien; Ginolhac, Aurélien; nonnenmacher, yannic; Ternes, Dominik; Weiler, Jil; Gaebler, Karoline; bahlawane, Christelle; hiller, karsten; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth

in Oncotarget (2016)

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See detailIdentification of SOCS2 and SOCS6 as biomarkers in human colorectal cancer.
Letellier, Elisabeth; Schmitz, Martine; Baig, Komal; Beaume, Nicolas; Schwartz, C.; Frasquilho, S.; Antunes, L.; Marcon, N.; Nazarov, P. V.; Vallar, L.; Even, J.; Haan, Serge

in British journal of cancer (2014), 111(4), 726-35

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See detailCD95-ligand on peripheral myeloid cells activates Syk kinase to trigger their recruitment to the inflammatory site.
Letellier, Elisabeth; Kumar S; Sancho-Martinez I; Krauth S; Funke-Kaiser A; Laudenklos S; Konecki K; Klussmann S; Corsini NS; Kleber S; Drost N; Neumann A; Lévi-Strauss M; Brors B; Gretz N; Edler L; Fischer C; Hill O; Thiemann M; Biglari B; Karray S; Martin-Villalba A

in Immunity (2010), 32

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See detailThe hematopoietic factor granulocyte-colony stimulating factor improves outcome in experimental spinal cord injury.
Pitzer, claudia; Klussmann S; Krüger C; Letellier, Elisabeth; Plaas C; Dittgen; Kirsch F; Stieltjes B; Weber D; Laage R; Martin-Villalba A; Schneider A

in J Neurochem (2010), 113

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See detailThe death receptor CD95 activates adult neural stem cells for working memory formation and brain repair.
Corsini NS; Sancho-Martinez I; Laudenklos S; Glagow D; Kumar S; Letellier, Elisabeth; Koch P; Teodorczyk M; Kleber S; Klussmann S; Wiestler B,; Brüstle O; Mueller W; Gieffers C; Hill O; Thiemann M; Seedorf M; Gretz N; Sprengel R; Celikel T; Martin-Villalba A.

in Cell Stem Cell (2009), 5

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See detailYes and PI3K bind CD95 to signal invasion of glioblastoma.
Kleber, Susanne; Sancho-Martinez I; Wiestler B; Beisel A; Gieffers C; Hill O; Thiemann M; Mueller W; Sykora J; Kuhn A; schreglmann n; Letellier, Elisabeth; Zuliani C; Klussmann S; Teodorczyk M; Gröne HJ; Ganten TM; Sültmann H; Tüttenberg J; von Deimling A,; Regnier-Vigouroux A; Herold-Mende C; Martin-Villalba A., ana

in Cancer Cell (2008), 13

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See detailSpinal cord injuries entering the Fas(t) lane.
Letellier, Elisabeth; Martin-Villalba, Ana

in Neurosurgery (2007), 6

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See detailManganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for in vivo assessment of damage and functional improvement following spinal cord injury in mice.
Stieltjes B,; Klussmann S; Bock M; Umathum R; Mangalathu J; Letellier, Elisabeth; Rittgen W; Edler L; martin-villalba, ana

in Magn Reson Med (2006), 5

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