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Digital Health in Ambulatory Assessment
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Institute for Research on Generations and Family (IGEFA)


Research Groups

Early Childhood: Education and Care : Education and Care lead by Michael-Sebastian Honig, investigates the conditions and practices of education and care in early childhood. On a macro-level it observes the significance of non-familial care and education for children’s living conditions; on a micro-level it studies the everyday routines in Luxembourgian care arrangements. In this the research group also studies the conditions of transition from family to non-familial care and pre-school settings.

(Prof. Dr. Sascha Neumann)

Youth Research: Context and Structures of Growing-up: The research group under the lead of Helmut Willems investigates the situation of young people from an interdisciplinary perspective with a multi-methodological approach. The research activities encompass topics such as school-to-work transition, social engagement, citizenship, migration, leisure activities and identity. The research projects have an academic and international orientation, and are strongly connected to the national context of youth policy and practice. One concern of the research group is to establish and to maintain an on-going regulated dialogue with policy and youth work that has lead to the implementation of National Youth Report appearing every 5 years. The research groups projects and findings are displayed in its Digital Documentation and Research Centre, along with a repository for grey literature from the Luxemburgish youth sector.

(Prof. Dr. Helmut Willems/Ass. Prof. Dr. Robin Samuel)

Ageing and Life Span Development: Ageing and Life Span Development constitutes the third research group and is led by Dieter Ferring. The different ways in which we age, as well as the conditions that promote autonomy and reduce dependence in old age compose the major research fields here. Projects focus on the use of information and other assistive technology in old age, the situation of informal and formal caregivers, the exchange of support and the quality of intergenerational relations within families, as well as on the regulation of subjective well-being in old age.
(Prof. Dr. Helmut Willems)