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Research domains

Research within the unit covers the entire range of the human life span, and allows for a description and explanatory analysis of phenomena at different levels of the socio-ecological context. Each of the integrative research domains listed above focuses on a central domain or “area of concern” of societal and individual development to be studied in a multidisciplinary approach. The common approach of the research programs within the unit is the dedication to multidisciplinarity, taking advantage from an integration of different, but complementary, theoretical and methodological paradigms.

Psychosocial Stress and Health

Coordinator: Fernand Anton

Social development and the resulting changes in the social environment constitute challenges requiring the individual to continuously adapt to behavioural, physiological and psychological levels. Difficulties or breakdown in adaptation contribute to ill-health, e.g. chronic physical conditions and mental disorders. These disorders pose a major challenge in terms of individual suffering and economic cost for society. Therefore, this research investigates the interactions between social change and health across all age groups. Research within this domain focuses on:

Generations and Life Span Development

Coordinator: Helmut Willems

Globalisation, international migration, technological progress and demographic change have an impact on structures and resources of European societies; this subsequently affects social and educational contexts, employment and work, as well as health provision and care. The construction of developmental contexts in childhood and youth, the importance of training and learning across the life span, family development, living conditions in old age as well as technology and ageing and the solidarity between generations have thus become main research topics. Research within this domain focuses on:


Processes and Systems of Social Regulation

Coordinator: Ulla Peters

Social change affects models of social justice and social inclusion, most notably in groups that are already vulnerable. The empowerment and quality of life of these groups constitute a dominant area of concern and an interdisciplinary field of research. Within this context the distribution of resources, social inequality and especially the treatment of vulnerable groups (e.g. children and young people in care, persons with special needs, the elderly,older migrants ) represent current and future research questions and challenges. Research within this domain focuses on:

Research Highlights