Global-Uni research project

Globalisation and Higher Education Policy: International Governance, Domestic Reform and the Challenges of the Public University


Building on the previous ‘Euro-Uni’ project (2010-12), which examined the Europeanisation of higher education and research policy, the ‘Global-Uni’ project examines the impacts of globalisation on higher education policy. Bringing to bear a series of theoretical tools drawn from the wider public policy and international organisation literatures, the impacts of globalisation are understood relative to both the ‘top down’ diffusion of new policy templates through international arenas and ‘bottom up’ demands for new policy solutions at the (sub-) national level.

The study has three major dimensions:

  1. An examination of the role of the major international organisations in the sector (OECD, UNESCO, and the World Bank), together with an initial survey of the wider higher education expert (epistemic) community
  2. An examination of major higher education reforms in the case of four large national public university systems (England, France, Germany and Canada)
  3. An examination of the specific dynamics of higher education policymaking, in a global context, in two ‘small states’ (Luxembourg and Singapore).

Bridging the specialist higher education and wider public policy/international organisation literatures, the present study is well placed to bring new insight to understanding both the challenges of governance distinctively facing the higher education sector, and the manner in which these developments may illustrate the wider challenges of national governance in globalised arenas.

The project is funded by the University of Luxembourg through a competitively awarded internal research grant.


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Gangolf Braband