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Doctorants dans l'Institut de science politique


Sujet de thèse



Supervisor Josip Glaurdic


Ramin Forghani

Modelling Physical and Environmental Consequences of Conflict


Ensar Muharemović

Political Engineering in Post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina


Janice Pratt

Political Legitimacy in Postwar Liberia



Sous la direction de Robert Harmsen


Ligia Deca

Agenda-Setting and Policy Framing in National Contexts within the European Higher Education Area


Ante Galich 

The Chances of a Common EU Energy Policy in the Context of Technological Paradigm Change


Kathleen Hielscher   

Luxembourg and Europe: The Europeanization of National Officials


Martin Mendelski 

Rule of Law Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: Post-Communist Variation and Limits of the European Union’s Transformative Power


Sidonie Paris    

The Europeanisation of High-Skilled Immigration Policy: A Comparative Study of Luxembourg, Germany and France


Alexander Scheibe

Energy Policy


Elisabeth Epping

Diplomacy and Higher Education


Branimir Stanimirov

The Discursive Construction of the European Union as a Global Human Rights Enforcer: Narratives, Actorness, and Multi-level Systems



Sous la direction de David Howarth


Jakub Gren

European Central Bank and National Supervisory Authority relations within the euro area's Single Supervisory Mechanism


Moritz Liebe

The spread of Public Private Partnerships in Europe


Mechthild Herzog

The role of the European Parliament in Promoting Social Policy


Farida Valieva

The Harmonisation of National Bank Supervision in the context of Banking Union


Igor Tkalec

The Macro-Economic Imbalance Procedure and the Sustainability of EU Pension Systems


Sébastien Commain

Banks and Capital Requirements legislation in the EU


Martin Sacher

The European Commission and the European Semester


Moritz Rehm

Coordinating the External Dimension of Economic and Monetary Union



 Sous la direction de Oliver Kohns


Johanna Gelberg

Poetik und Politik der Grenze


Nicole Karczmarzyk

Repräsentationen der Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich nach dem Ende des Habsburgerreiches. Eine struktur-funktionale Untersuchung mythisierender Filmdarstellungen





Earlier graduates


Katalin Baranyi

The Role of Small States in the International Human Rights Regime


Jill Eriksson

Regional Integration and Urban Development in Africa


Paul Moody

Development, Technology, and the Transfer of Knowledge in Comparative Perspective: Examining a New Approach in the Field of Lighting


Sandra Sacchetti

Assisted Voluntary Return Programmes and their impact on reintegration of returnees in their home communities in Kosovo


 Aline Schiltz

Les migrations entre Portugal et le Luxembourg

 Patricia Thill-Schurmann

An Evaluation of Human Rights Education Programs in Luxembourg, Spain and Mexico