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Doctoral Training Unit CALIDIE

The doctoral programme CALIDIE (DTU) is funded under the framework of the PRIDE scheme of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). It consists of several supervisors, presents a joint strategy for research and PhD training, and provides an innovative high quality training environment.

The DTU focuses on the fundamental question of how learners’ linguistic repertoires interact with their learning. It investigates in particular how multilingualism – conceptualized as the interplay of multiple linguistic repertoires (mother tongue(s), language(s) of schooling, foreign, second languages) – affects learning practices and processes, and how multilingualism can be capitalized on and transformed into a resource for educational success and social well-being. CALIDIE complements and enriches existing research by investigating this central question in a specifically rich research location, from a ‘cross-curricular and vertical perspective’ and using an ‘interdisciplinary approach’.

Adopting such a conceptual and organizational frame, which innovates in terms of focus, location and approach, we aim to complement current research literature but also to provide a robust base for imagining more equitable and effective educational practices and policies. We want our DTU to impact on the development of multilingual pedagogies that are sensitive to multilingual learner repertoires, and take into account more complex pathways of learning.


Adelheid Hu

Research Facilitator

Peter Voss