LUCET Research Agenda and Strategy

commissioned research in symbiosis with four original research strands


LUCET’s research agenda comprises commissioned research in the field of educational measurement—the centre’s core business and raison d’êtrecomplemented with original research in four areas of strategic relevance to the latter. By systematically and scientifically exploring aspects of, as well as exploiting (side)products from its mission-oriented research, LUCET seeks international recognition in areas directly related to its, for the most part nationally embedded, core business. In doing so, LUCET will ensure the state-of-the-art of its commissioned research lastingly, while continuing to foster, attract and pool highly specific expertise in educational measurement, thus transforming the structure in the long run, progressively from a national to an international hub of excellence in the field. In a nutshell, LUCET strives for a naturally imposing symbiosis between commissioned and original research in the field of educational measurement to maximally and sustainably valorise mission-oriented research efforts and invests while aspiring scientific excellence.