Ann Kiefer

Postdoctoral researcher

Department LUCET
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Bureau sur le campus MSH, E02 25-140
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 9409

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Last updated on: jeudi 01 avril 2021

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Articles publiés dans des périodiques scientifiques

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See detailAbelianization and fixed point properties of units in integral group rings
Bächle, Andreas; Janssens, Geoffrey; Jespers, Eric; Kiefer, Ann; Temmerman, Doryan

in Mathematische Nachrichten (2021)

Full Text
See detailOn units in orders in 2-by-2 matrices over quaternion algebras with rational center
Kiefer, Ann

in Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics (2020), 14(1), 213--242

Full Text
See detailDirichlet-Ford domains and double Dirichlet domains
Jespers, E.; Juriaans, S. O.; Kiefer, Ann; de A. e Silva, A.; Souza Filho, A. C.

in Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society Simon Stevin (2016), 23(3), 465--479

Full Text
See detailPresentations of groups acting discontinuously on direct products of hyperbolic spaces
Jespers, E.; Kiefer, Ann; del Río, Á.

in Mathematics of Computation (2016), 85(301), 2515--2552

Full Text
See detailDescribing units of integral group rings up to commensurability
Eisele, F.; Kiefer, Ann; Van Gelder, I.

in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (2015), 219(7), 2901--2916

Full Text
See detailFrom the Poincaré theorem to generators of the unit group of integral group rings of finite groups
Jespers, E.; Juriaans, S. O.; Kiefer, Ann; de A. e Silva, A.; Souza Filho, A. C.

in Mathematics of Computation (2015), 84(293), 1489--1520

Full Text
See detailRevisiting Poincaré's Theorem on presentations of discontinuous groups via fundamental polyhedra
Jespers, E.; Kiefer, Ann; del Río, Á.

in Expositiones Mathematica (2015), 33(4), 401--430

Full Text
See detailOn pairs of commuting involutions in $ Sym(n)$ and $ Alt(n)$
Kiefer, Ann; Leemans, Dimitri

in Communications in Algebra (2013), 41(12), 4408--4418

Full Text
See detailOn the number of abstract regular polytopes whose automorphism group is a Suzuki simple group $ Sz(q)$
Kiefer, Ann; Leemans, D.

in Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A (2010), 117(8), 1248--1257

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