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Institute of Education & Society - History, Theory and Sociology of Education

The Institute of Education & Society brings together researchers in the fields of history, theory and sociology of education as well as cultural and religious studies. Led by five professors with an international reputation in their field and supported by post-doctoral research fellows, doctoral researchers, and visiting professors, research within the Institute focuses on the multidisciplinary analysis of educational systems, processes, and practices within their cultural, social, political and economic contexts. Researchers within the Institute deploy a range of methods and methodologies to study formal and non-formal education at the macro-level of educational systems and policies, the meso-level of educational institutions, and the micro-level of educational processes and practices.

The research is characterized by a strong interest in cross-national and historical comparisons. The Institute plays a major role in the University's research priority 'Education and Learning,' in the Doctoral School of Educational Sciences (particularly the programme on Theory, History and Sociology of Education), and in a number of Master's programmes (including "Management und Coaching im Bildungs- und Sozialwesen” and the future programmes “Secondary Education” and “Social and Educational Sciences”). Researchers in the Institute edit two major journals in the field – Studies in Philosophy and Education and Bildungsgeschichte: International Journal for the Historiography of Education – and a number of bookseries for major international publishers. The Institute regularly organizes seminars, invited lectures and workshops, and has a steady stream of international visitors.

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