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Teaching & Training



The personnel involved within INSIDE contributes to several educational and training programmes



Learning across the life course

By the end of 2016, INSIDE will elaborate the link between research and training by providing programmes and stimulating learning experiences at any stage of the human life course. In general the courses will address everyone who is interested in updating knowledge and expertise in specific domains of social sciences. Topics included here comprise human resource development (i.e., coaching, supervision), interpersonal communication, stress and stress regulation, as well as processes underlying individual decision making in policy and economics.



We invite you to visit our new website:

The PraxisBüro (PB) is an interface and transfer centre between the university and social work in practice and politics. It offers information, consultation and support for students, university staff, professionals, politicians and the general public on new development and challenges associated with social work. In this, the office builds bridges between all these participants and promotes cooperation and networking.

For students of social work, the PB is the major link to professional practice from the beginning of their studies until the transition to working life and beyond. It offers:

  • Regular events, such as the “practice-contact day” (“Praxis- und Kontakttag”), or the net working day (Netzwerktag)
  • Cooperation and networking between University and fields of practice in social work
  • Training opportunities for practitioners and organizations based on ongoing research and the specific demands of the professionals in the workforce
  • Consulting, supervision and coaching for practitioners and organizations

Moreover, the PB is actively engaged in ongoing research and practical projects (read more…).



The University of Luxembourg is open to all groups within society and children take a special position here since they represent the students of tomorrow. Children’s university (CU) is a perfect opportunity to deal with barriers to education for different groups and to attract children of different age group and social backgrounds to the university.

INSIDE is member of the European Children’s Universities Network and has offered specific CU activities during the years. In 2008 and 2009, children visited the university for one day, inscribed for specific lectures and actively participated in experiments and received a first diploma for their efforts. In 2013, CU included a field research project where primary school children were trained to conduct and analyse interviews with their grand-parents. Students presented their findings including pictures and paintings in a public exposition.

As all these activities show the high acceptance of CU offers, INSIDE will continue to elaborate further activities in the next years (in collaboration with Metaxy – the University’s action for public understanding of science and technology).