The Construction of European Banking Supervision

CEBS project members


Professor David Howarth,

Sébastien Commain,

with the support of Farida Valieva.

CEBS project abstract

Since the start of January 2011 — for the first time in world history — a system of supranational banking supervision has been established with distinct roles for the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Central Bank (ECB) in relation to National Competent Authorities (NCAs). Despite on-going efforts to converge national supervisory practice, considerable divergence remains. This interdisciplinary research project (political science, law and financial economics) seeks to examine the centripetal pressures encouraging supervisory convergence created by the operation of the three European supervisory jurisdictions. The funding for the project runs from September 2017 to end August 2020.

The contribution of CEBS to existing research on European supranational banking supervision

CEBS as a truly interdisciplinary research project

CEBS Project Objectives and methods

The central research question of this project is: ‘Under what institutional conditions does the EU manifest capacity to foster convergence in banking supervision?’ By answering this question, this research project is expected to provide valuable insights as to whether the current (supranational) EU governance system in banking supervision promotes convergence in supervision in the single market for banking services and, in doing so, contributes to financial stability in the EU as a whole. Further information about our project objectives and research methods can be found here.

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