Adelheid Hu

Adelheid Hu
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

Adelheid Hu is professor of Education and specializes in Foreign/Second Language Education, Multilingualism and Intercultural Studies. She graduated in German and French Philology, Chinese Studies and Applied Linguistics at the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany and began her professional career as a teacher in a German senior high school and then as lecturer of German at Tunghai University in Taiwan (1984-89). She returned to Germany for a PhD funded by the German Research Foundation ( DFG) in the doctoral school (Graduiertenkolleg) Didaktik des Fremdverstehens (Pedagogy of Intercultural Understanding) at the University of Giessen (1991-94) and a post-doc at the RU-Bochum (1996-2001). In 2001 she was appointed Associate Professor (C3) and in 2008 Full Professor (W3) of Foreign/Second Language Pedagogy at the University of Hamburg before she moved to Luxembourg in 2011.

Adelheid Hu’s main research interests include

  • Educational and sociolinguistic aspects of multilingualism in school and Higher Education;
  • Language curriculum planning and policies,
  • Sociocultural approaches to language learning,
  • Migration-based multilingualism,
  • Language teacher education,
  • Cross-cultural studies on language learning.


Functions at the UL:

Since 01/2016:
Coordinator (PI) of the Doctoral Training Unit CALIDIE

Since 03/2016:
Scientific Director of the University of Luxembourg Language Center (ULLC)

Since 02/2014:
Elected member of the University Council

Since 02/2018:
Member and representative of the UL in the steering board of the Confucius Institute at the UL

Head of the Research Priority in Education: Focusing on Multilingualism and Diversity

Member of the Faculty Council of FLSHASE

Head of the Research Unit ECCS (Education, Culture, Cognition and Society)

Head of the Institute for Research on Multilingualism, University of Luxembourg

Study director of the MA Programme “Communication and Learning in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” (University of Luxembourg)


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Professional Career

Since 2011:

Full Professor of Education (Multilingualism in Education), University of Luxembourg


Full professor of Foreign Language Education (Romance languages), University of Hamburg, Germany


Offer of a chair as full professor of Foreign language Education (Romance languages), University of Siegen, Germany


Visiting professor at the Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France


Associate professor of Foreign Language Education, University of Hamburg, Germany 


Postdoc in Applied Linguistics (Sprachlehr- und lernforschung), Ruhr University Bochum, Germany


Teaching Assignment in the German department at Soochow University, Taiwan


Lecturer for German and French at Tunghai University, Taiwan


Teaching position (French and German for Secondary School), Hagen, Germany (birth 2nd child)


Teaching assistant for German as Foreign Language, Coutances, France




PhD (summa cum laude) in Applied Linguistics (Sprachlehr- und lernforschung), Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. Minors: Chinese Language and Literature/German Language and Literature


PhD student in the Graduiertenkolleg (Doctoral School) “Didaktik des Fremdverstehens” (Pedagogy of Intercultural Understanding), Justus-Liebig University, Gießen, Germany, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)


Second State Examination (2. Staatsexamen) as senior high school teacher (German/French)


Studies of Chinese language and literature, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany (birth 1st child)


First State Examination (1. Staatsexamen) in German/French for secondary high school, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Last updated on: 26 fév 2018

Main research interests

Educational and sociolinguistic aspects of multilingualism in school and Higher Education; language curriculum planning and policies, sociocultural approaches to language learning, migration-based multilingualism, language teacher education, cross-cultural studies on language learning


Third-party funded research projects

PRIDE Scheme FNR: Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) CALIDIE (Capitalizing on Linguistic Diversity in Education)
Main applicant, funded by the Fonds National de Recherche, Luxembourg (FNR). 11 PhD scholarships, overall funding: 2 Mill. €

Mehrsprachigkeit und Language Awareness im Kontext aller Fächer (MeLA). Erasmus-Plus Projekt
WP Luxembourg (in cooperation with the Luxembourg Ministry for Education): Teacher biographies and beliefs on multilingualism
Funding: 90.000 € Overall funding XXX (Co-Applicant)

European Identity, Culture, Exchanges and Multilingualism (EU, Jean-Monnet-Network)
WP for Luxembourg: New European young researchers’ identities. Exchanges and Doctoral Studies – an international study of processes and outcomes
Funding: 50.000 € (Co-applicant)

Federal Excellence Cluster “Linguistic Diversity Management in Urban Areas” (LiMA) (financed by Ministry of Research and Science, Hamburg) (Co-applicant)
Funding: 80.000 € (Overall funding 1,2 Mill. €)

KomDif-project (IPN, Kiel): Kompetenzmodelle als Basis für eine diagnosegestützte individuelle Förderung (Co-applicant)
financed by Ministry of School, Education and Sports, Hamburg)
Funding: 105.000 €  (Overall funding 1,4 Mill. €)

Graduiertenkolleg (doctoral school) Bildungsgangforschung (Research on Educational Development)
University of Hamburg (financed by the DFG, GRK 821)
Funding: 140.000 € (Co-applicant). Overall funding: 1,5 Mill. €

Early English education in NRW
(financed by the Ministry for Education, North Rhine-Westphalia)
Funding: 20.000 € (PI)


Ongoing application: Horizon 2020-SC6-MIGRATION-2018: Education as a lever for integration for refugee and migrant children: policies, practices, narratives (EDULIfe). Co-applicant.



Last updated on: 22 fév 2018

Regular courses on MA-level (Master in Learning and Communication in multilingual and multicultural contexts), e.g.

  • Basiskonzepte: Sprache, Kulture, Identität (Basic concepts: Language, Culture, Identity).
  • Studying and Teaching in a multilingual university.
  • Identität und Plurilingualität (Identity and Plurilingualism)
  • Plurilingualism in Education: introduction into new research developments

Regular courses in the Doctoral School:

  • Key concepts in multilingualism: Language, Multilingualism, Learning.
  • Monthly CALIDIE colloquium

Regular courses for Teacher Education at the IFEN (Institut de Formation de l’Éducation Nationale)

Last updated on: 15 fév 2018

Completed PhD-theses (Main supervision):

  • (2014-2018) Tavares, Bernardino: The sociolinguistics of Cape Verdean migration trajectories into Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (CORE-Junior Project).
  • (2012-2016) Francine Uwera: Multilingual practices and legal education: The case of the University of Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, funded by the University of Luxembourg.
  • (2008-2013) Portnaia, Natalia: SchülerInnen mit Deutsch als Zweitsprache (Russisch/Deutsch) im frühen Fremdsprachenunterricht (Students with German as a second language (Russian/German) in primary school Englisch classes), University of Hamburg, Germany, self-funded.
  • (2007-2012) Eberhardt, Jan-Oliver: Interkulturelle Kompetenzen im Fremdsprachenunterricht: (Intercultural competences in the language classroom). University of Hamburg, Germany, funded by the University of Hamburg.
  • (2009-2013) Diao, Lan: Lesenlehren und Lesenlernen im Chinesischunterricht: Prozesse, Strategien, subjektive Theorien von Lernenden (Teaching and learning how to read Chinese: Processes, strategies, learners’ subjective theories), University of Hamburg, funded by the University of Hamburg
  • (2005-2008) Cronjäger, Hanna:  Langue d'amour? An investigation into the experiencing of positive emotions in French language class, University of Hamburg, Germany, funded by the DFG.
  • (2003-2006) Kolb, Annika: Portfolioarbeit. Wie Grundschulkinder ihr Sprachenlernen reflektieren (Working with portfolios. How primary school children reflect their language learning), University of Hamburg, Germany, funded by the DFG.
  • (2003-2008) Schädlich, Birgit: Literatur Lesen Lernen. Literaturwissenschaftliche Seminare in der Romanistik aus der Perspektive der Lehrenden und Studierenden. Eine qualitativ-empirische Studie zur Französischlehrerausbildung (Literature – reading – learning. Seminars in Romance literature from the perspective of teaching staff and students. A qualitative study on the education of secondary teachers of French), University of Hamburg, funded by the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Completed PhD-theses (Co-Supervision/Transnational PhDs):

  • (2012-2017) Chen, Yan-zhen: L’enseignement du mandarin en tant que troisième ou quatrième langue étrangère dans une classe de seconde en Alsace : le rôle de la compétence plurilingue et pluriculturelle. (Teaching Mandarin as a third or fourth foreign language in a secondary school in Alsace: the role of multilingual and multicultural competences), Transnational PhD; Co-Supervision with Prof. C. Hélot, Strasbourg, France (self-funded)
  • (2013-2016) Weissenburg, Astrid: Plurilingual approaches to spatial orientation in primary geography education.  Transnational PhD; Co-Supervision with Prof. B. Neuer, University of Education, Karlsruhe, Germany. (funded by University of Karlsruhe)
  • (2011-2015): Stoike, Rahel: Die Herausforderungen der dritten Sprache – eine grounded-theory-Studie zu sprachlichen Praktiken und Repräsentationen von Mehrsprachigkeit bei Studierenden dreisprachiger Masterstudiengänge an der Universität Luxemburg. (The challenge of the third language – a grounded-theory based study on language practices and representations of students in trilingual MA-programs at the University of Luxembourg), University of Luxembourg. Co-Supervision with Prof. S. Ehrhart (funded by the UL)
  • (2008-2012) Lejot, Eve: Pratiques plurilingues en milieu professionnel international (Multilingual Practices in international professional environments), Transnational PhD ; Co-Supervision with Prof. Mourlhon-Dallies, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III. (self-funded)
  • (2003-2006) Hein-Kathib, Simone: Sprachlichkeit und Biographie. Zum Sprach-Erleben der Schriftsteller Peter Weiss und Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt (Language and Biography. How Peter Weiss and Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt perceive languages), Co-Supervision with Prof. W. Stölting, University of Oldenburg, Germany, self-funded.

PhD projects in progress (main supervision):

  • (since 2013) Hansen-Pauly, Marie-Anne: Lives in several languages, literary creation and cultural identity construction: Liliane Welch and Pierre Joris. University of Luxembourg, self-funded.
  • (since 2013) Grein, Matthias: Gender im Französischunterricht: Eine intersektionale Studie. (Gender in the French language classroom: an intersectional study), University of Hamburg, Germany, funded by the University of Hamburg.
  • (since 2017) Stephanie Hofmann: Internationalization and Multilingualism in Doctoral Education. Funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund.
  • (since 2017) Jean-Marc Wagner: Diversity and Educational Discourse: Teacher biographies – Sociopolitical demands – Professional practice”. Funded by the University of Luxembourg.

PhD projects in progress (co-supervision):

  • (since 2017) Mona Stierwald: Transfer und Reflexion im Ausbau formeller Register bei mehrsprachigen Studierenden durch kollaborative Schreibprozesse (Tranfer and reflexion in formal linguistic registers: multilingual students in collaborative writing activities. Transnational PhD; Co-Supervision with Prof. J. Erfurt, J.-W. Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt a. M.  (self-funded)
  • (since 2018) Peiru Bai: Mobilité culturelle, plurilinguisme, processus d’intégration et de (re)configuration identitaire des Chinois entre la Chine et la France : une approche sociobiographique (Cultural mobility, plurilingualism, integration processes and identity : A socio-biographic study on Chinese immigrants in France. Transnational PhD); Co-supervision with Prof. Andrea Young, Université de Strasbourg (self-funded)

Supervision of Post-doc projects:

  • (2014-2017) Dr. Kasper Juffermans: Sociolinguistic trajectories and repertoires: luso-luxo-african identifications, interactions and imaginations (STAR project), University of Luxembourg, Funded by the Luxembourgish National Research Fund, 277.000 €

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