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Maedhbh Nic Lochlainn

Postdoctoral researcher

Department Département Géographie et aménagement du territoire
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Bureau sur le campus MSH, E02 15-010

Maedhbh has recently joined the department as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the FINCITY project, which is an FNR-funded research project on European Financial Centres in Transition (PI: Markus Hesse). Maedhbh is from Dublin and her research focus is the intersection between urban and digital geographies, with a particular interest in the financialisation of urban space as digital/material process. Supervised by Dr Cian O’Callaghan, Maedhbh’s doctoral research at Trinity College Dublin focused on housing and urban contestation in post-crash Dublin and, drawing from her expertise in GIS and computational skills, used a combination of mixed methods for data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Beyond research, Maedhbh’s interests are music, running, and photography – she is happiest when shopping for vinyl and exploring cities.

Research Interests

  • Urban geography
  • Digital geography
  • Hhousing
  • Financialisation
  • Activism


  • Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship Award - highly competitive postgraduate funding (average success rate 18%).
  • 2020 Creativity Award – Union of Students’ Ireland & Irish Research Council Why Research Matters Video Competition.
  • 2019 Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Teaching Award - awarded by university with only one nominee per faculty shortlisted to recognise excellence in teaching and learning by postgraduate students.

Last updated on: lundi 18 juillet 2022

Research Experience

  • Doctoral Research – Geographies of digital/material contention: Social media and housing activism in post crash Dublin, 2018-present. Key points:
    - Innovative mixed methods approach to data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
    - Cutting-edge conceptual framing that extends existing work on housing financialisation – see Nic Lochlainn, 2021b.
    - Strong track record of research dissemination.
  • Researcher – Rethinking Urban Vacancy project and Dublin Housing Observatory, 2021-present. Key points:
    - Working as part of an active and policy-oriented research team with external partners.
    - Proven ability to integrate, prepare, work with, and analyse urban planning, property, and real estate datasets.
    - Producing high-quality data-driven research outputs for academic, policy, and public audiences.


  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - Ph.D. in Geography (submitted June 2022)
    Thesis title - Geographies of digital/material contention: Social media and housing activism in post-crash Dublin.
  • Maynooth University, National University of Ireland - First Class Honours M.Sc. in GIS and Remote Sensing, 2017
    Awarded University Prize for top student on the M.Sc. course
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - First Class Honours B.A. (Joint Honours) in Geography and History, 2016.
    Awarded Haughton Prize for top student in 3rd Year Geography and a Gold Medal (University Award) for degree results.

Teaching Experience - Trinity College Dublin

  • Invited guest lecturer, Digital Humanities Skills and Scholarship Workshops - 2020-‘22.
  • Co-taught 3rd Year module on GIS: Data & Tools — 2018-2020.
  • Tutorial design and facilitation, 1st Year Human Geography — 2019-2020.
  • Team teaching on 4th Year Urban Geography Module — 2018-2021.
  • Short-course design, instruction, and assessment for 2nd Year Student Seminars — 2018-2020

Other Relevant Experience/Contributions

  • Social media and public engagement – Department of Geography, 2021-present.
  • Organising Committee for Geographical Society of Ireland’s 2021 Conference of Irish Geographers.
  • Events Officer (2020-’22) and Webmaster (2022-present) for Geographical Society of Ireland’s Postgraduate and Early Career Network

Technical Skills

  • Certified MSc qualification and significant practical research experience in using Geographical Information Systems/GIS and Remote Sensing softwares.
  • Significant practical research experience in using quantitative and qualitative data analysis software for standard (e.g. interview transcript) and bespoke (e.g. social media data) purposes.
  • Proficient in computer programming (R, Python, and Java) with practical experience in research database and data management.
  • Significant practical experience in website maintenance, social media management, filmmaking, video, and audio editing, as well as online teaching delivery and event support

Last updated on: 18 juil 2022

  • 2022: GCEG (June): Building communities and creating value? Ires-REIT, housing financialisation, and tenant disempowerment in post-crash Dublin
  • 2022: Conference of Irish Geographers (May): Housing need met? Assessing plans for social housing demand and provision in Dublin (slides available here).
  • 2021: RGS-IBG (August): Join the union + raised fist emoji: Ireland’s Community Action Tenants Union and digital/material organising in a disorganised setting (slides available here).
  • 2021: Disrupting Housing (August): Disruption through consolidation: Company landlords, financialisation, and the private rental sector in post-crash Dublin (slides available here).
  • 2021: Conference of Irish Geographers (May): Rebuilding Dublin to rent, institutional investors, and “morbid symptoms” of private rental in the post-pandemic city to come (slides available here) / Our product is the opportunity: Using digital methods to understand the financialisation of vacancy in Dublin (video available here; slides available here).
  • 2021: HSA Annual Conference (April): We only want the Earth: Digital/material tactics and learning in post-crash Dublin housing activism (slides available here).
  • 2019: RGS-IBG (August): Take Back The City: Occupation, housing activism, and digital contention in post crash Dublin (slides available here).
  • 2019: EUGEO Congress (May): Digital contention, housing activism, and the right to the city in post-crash Dublin (slides available here).
  • 2018: Association of American Geographers (April): Networks of counter-power: The geographies of social media in post-financial crisis social movements in Ireland (slides available here).
  • 2018: Conference of Irish Geographers (May): What does Dublin City Council’s vacant sites register tell (and show) about “vacant sites” in Dublin? (slides available here).


Last updated on: 18 juil 2022

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Full Text
See detailNetworked Geographies of Digital Contention in Post‐Financial Crisis Ireland
Nic Lochlainn, Maedhbh

in Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie (2021), 112(4), 441-455

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