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Social Research and Interventions

The Institute for Social Research and Interventions (ISI) o­­ffers multidisciplinary perspectives on processes of societal, organisational and person-related ­­transformations. The research conducted within the institute links social theory, empirical studies informed by a broad range of methodologies, and advancements as well as critiques of social interventions.

We draw on diverse fields of knowledge including social work, sociology, anthropology, educational sciences, psychology, gender studies, disability studies, as well as science and technology studies. Our research aims to provide academics, practitioners, and policy makers with analyses of societal, socioeducational, and psychosocial issues in and beyond Luxembourg, facilitating the critical adaption of theoretical perspectives, social work, and social politics to rapidly changing societies. The institute is uniquely positioned to address such challenges by bringing into dialogue approaches from French, German and Anglo-Saxon traditions.

The institute’s researchers address a number of issues related to fields of interventions such as human rights, inequality and social justice, participation in the arts and citizenship, power and welfare, digitalisation and technology, counselling and social support, migration and displacement, labour and unemployment, insecurity and poverty, inclusion and disability, gender and diversity. The members of the institute contribute to the Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives (BSSE) and teach in a number of MA programmes as well as the Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences (DSHSS). We also work in partnership with national and international organisations to answer pressing societal, psychosocial, and socioeducational challenges.