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Lifelong Learning & Guidance (LLLG)

Education, training and counseling are no longer limited to the period of formal education in schools and universities, but are increasingly linked to transitions over a life span. Lifelong learning is now an important challenge for knowledge-based economies.

The Institute of Lifelong Learning and Guidance analyses and evaluates cognitive adaptation and learning strategies during the major life transition periods: 

  • from school to work
  • within the professional domain
  • from work to retirement
  • from employment to unemployment
  • from unemployment to employment.

Main external research collaborators of the LLLG institute are:

  • Fathi Ben Mrad, PhD Université de Metz
  • Even Loarer – Prof. Dr INETOP – CNAM – CNRS
  • Pierre Valois – Prof. Dr Laval University – Quebec
  • Todd Lubart - Prof. Dr Université Paris Descartes
  • Anne Pignault - Prof. Dr Université de Lorraine, Nancy