Prof. Dr. Luc Nijs

Luc Nijs

Associate professor in Early Childhood Music Education

Department Département Sciences de l'éducation et intervention sociale
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Bureau sur le campus MSH, E03 25-030
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 4712

Luc Nijs holds a PhD in Arts Sciences (Systematic Musicology), MA degrees in Music Performance (clarinet) and Philosophy, and a Teacher Certificate (clarinet, sax, ensemble playing). Next to his affiliation to the University of Luxembourg, he is visiting professor at Ghent University, affiliated to IPEM (Systematic Musicology), and - as co-founder - to the Jonet Chair on Music Making and Social Action.

Currently, he is also guest lecturer in "Music Educational Technology" and "Embodied Music Cognition" at the Royal Conservatory The Hague (NL). Previously, he was educational researcher and guest lecturer in Music Educational Technology at Luca School of Arts Leuven (BE), and guest lecturer in Kinemusical improvisation at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen (BE).

His research integrates theory development, empirical studies and practice, focusing on the musician-instrument relationship, on the role of body movement in the instrumental learning processes, and on the role of technology in provoking an embodied approach to instrumental music education. His work with the Music Paint Machine (see: was awarded the EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project Award 2012.

His publications on a variety of music educational topics (e.g., music learning and movement, music educational technology, musician instrument relationship, power of music and movement, musical creativity) appear in high-level international journals and edited books (see

He is Associate Editor (Europe, Middle East) for the International Journal of Music in Early Childhood (IJMEC), Guest Associate Editor for Frontiers (Research Topic on music education and on social impact of music making, and on music learning and teaching), member of the editorial board of Musicae Scientiae, and member of the scientific committee of ICDS, the International Conference of Dalcroze Studies. In addition, he is reviewer for the high-level international journals in his research domain and beyond. 

Luc was selected as member and appointed chair (2017-2021) of the AEC Digitization Working Group.

Furthermore, he is a regular invited speaker on music educational seminars and was member of different advisory boards of the Flemish Ministry of Education, shaping ongoing reforms of music and arts education in Flanders.

Apart from his work as a scholar, Luc is active as a musician, mainly performing with his band The Holy Seven.



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Open PhD position in Early Childhood Music Education. Call

Since June 17th, I am appointed Visiting professor at Ghent University. In this position, I am affiliated to IPEM (Systematic Musicology), and - as co-founder - to the Jonet Chori on Music Making and Social Action.

Our Frontiers Research Topic "Music Education, movement & Flourishing" has been accepted. Co-editors are Prof. dr. Marc Leman, Prof. dr. Lukas Pairon, Prof. dr. Graça Mota, and dr. An de Bisschop. More info: see HERE

See also our Frontiers Community Series "Towards a Meaningful Instrumental Music Education. Methods, Perspectives, and Challenges". Go HERE 

Together with dr. Lukas Pairon and dr. Ann de Bisschop, we worked hard on establishing an academic chair on music-making and social action (promotor: Prof. dr. Francis Maes). The chair was approved by Ghent University and will start in September 2022. Date of Inauguration: October 18th, 6PM

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Recent Publications

Schiavio, A. & Nijs, L. (2022). ISchiavio, A. & Nijs, L. (2022). Implementation of a Remote Instrumental Music Course Focused on Creativity, Interaction, and Bodily Movement. Preliminary Insights and Thematic Analysis. Frontiers in Psychology

Fortuna, S., & Nijs, L. (2022). The influence of discrete versus continuous movements on children’s musical sense-making. British Journal of Music Education, 39(2), 183-202.

Bremmer, M. & Nijs, L. (2022). Embodied Music Pedagogy. A vision on the dynamic role of the body in music education. In T. Buchborn, S. Schmid, G. Brunner, and Th. De Baets (Eds.), European perspectives on music education: Music Is What People Do. Helbling.

Verneert, F., Nijs, L., & De Baets, T. (2021). A Space for Collaborative Creativity. How Collective Improvising Shapes ‘a Sense of Belonging’. Frontiers in Psychology.

Nijs, L. & Nicolaou, G. (2021). Flourishing in resonance: joint resilience building through music and motion. Frontiers in Psychology


All publications: see HERE

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  • Movement in Instrumental music learning and teaching
  • Instrumental music learning and teaching in Early Childhood
  • Movement and musical understanding, expressiveness and creativity
  • Technology in (instrumental) music education
  • Social impact of music making

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University of Luxembourg

coming soon

Ghent University (BE)

Member of the doctoral guidance committee

  • Spieker, B. Interactive educational technology supporting joint music playing in general music education to children (4-12 years)

Graduated: Fortuna, S. (2022), Caruso, G. (2014)

Antwerp University (BE)


  • Stijnen, J. Differentiating instrumental improvisation
  • Nicolaou, G. Moving in Musicking. Promoting social inclusiveness for children at risk (Artistic PhD in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp)
  • Katan, N. Towards Principles of Motorically Imposed Perceptual Groupings (Artistic PhD in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp)

University of Leuven (BE)


  • Verneert, Ph. ‘Throw them in the deep end.’ Towards a non-idiomatic form of improvisation in the light of a holistic design approach to learning (Artistic PhD in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens)

Member of the doctoral guidance committee

  • Buelens, L. Here’s to the Greenhorn. A pedagogical study into the image problems of "HaFa" amateur bands and the role of adult novices (Artistic PhD in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens)
  • Caers, V. Umbraphonics. An Electro-acoustic Performance Format for Mediating Musical Scores (Artistic PhD in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens))

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Coming up

2022.09.30 ∣ Musichildren22: "Instrumental music learning in early childhood" (Aveiro, PT)

2022.09.28 ∣ First international meeting on Artistic Music Research: "Artistic research and didactics" (Pescara, IT)

2022.09.13 ∣ presentation for FSHE team (Belval, LU)

2022.07.17 ∣ ISME: "Music is what people do with their bodies" (online)

2022.07.14 ∣ ISME-ECME: workshop on writing (online)


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