MEXLAB: The Media and Experimental Laboratory

MExLab: The Media and Experimental Laboratory

Supervised by Dr. André Melzer, the Media and Experimental Lab (MExLab) provides a scientific environment for media and experimental research aimed at furthering both research and teaching at the University of Luxembourg. The MExLab is well suited to cover a broad range of current experimental topics in media psychology. It also allows for testing of media-related topics in developmental psychology and cognitive psychology. Within these contexts, for example, MExLab-based experiments focus on the effects of violent or prosocial video games on cognition, emotion and behavior in social interactions.

In three separate test rooms, up to ten participants may be tested simultaneously in computer-based experiments. Among other devices, the comprehensive range of technical equipment comprises two driving simulators. In addition to a servo-hydraulic and fully customisable driving simulator (3 x 60” LED screens) that allows for testing of a wide range of driving situations, the AdRacer driving simulator is a custom-built vehicle body that includes driver seat, steering wheel and foot pedals for commercial 3D racing games (3 x 42” LED screens). With this realistic but safe setting approach, researchers gain valuable insights into the driver’s behavior in critical driving situations. Together with the 5.1 audio surround system, the 84”-LED screen connected to the latest generation of game consoles (e.g., Sony Playstation PS4 pro, Nintendo Switch) support participants’ feelings of immersion while playing the latest video games. In addition, participants’ behavior as well as ongoing events in the game can be recorded with the help of two 4k cameras and high-sensitive stereo microphones. An experimenter supervising participants can remotely control audio and video recordings from an observation room.

As to teaching, the MExLab therefore provides students with a wide range of “hands-on” learning experiences for designing, conducting, and analysing experiments in psychology. The equipment of the lab also serves as tool to collect data for the students’ own research (i.e., thesis papers).

The MExLab is part of the research axis Health Promotion and Aggression Prevention (Head: Prof. Georges Steffgen) within the Institute for Health and Behaviour (Head: Prof. Claus Voegele).


Driving simulator (commercial games)

Driving simulator (fully customisable)

Meeting room and testing facilities

Media effects research