Aliette Lochy

Aliette Lochy

Research scientist

Faculté ou Centre Faculté des Sciences Humaines, des Sciences de l'Éducation et des Sciences Sociales​
Department Département Sciences comportementales et cognitives
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Bureau sur le campus MSH, E03 25-310
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 9469
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 39469
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See detailImpact of learning to read in a mixed approach on neural tuning to words in beginning readers
van de Walle de Ghelcke, Alice; Rossion, Bruno; Schiltz, Christine; Lochy, Aliette

in Frontiers in Psychology (2020), 10

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See detailWeaker neural responses to lexicality and word frequency in dyslexic adults: an EEG study with Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation.
Lochy, Aliette; Collette, Emilie; Schelstraete, Marie-Anne; Rossion, Bruno; Schiltz, Christine

Scientific Conference (2019, September)

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See detailThe non-linear development of the right hemispheric specialization for human face perception
Lochy, Aliette; de Heering, Adelaïde; Rossion, Bruno

in Neuropsychologia (2019), 126

See detailAre dates processed like words rather than like numbers? A study of transposition priming effects
Lochy, Aliette; Golinvaux, Fanny; Schiltz, Christine

Poster (2019, May)

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See detailLateralized neural responses to letters and digits in first graders.
Lochy, Aliette; Schiltz, Christine

in Child Development (2019), 90(6),

See detailImpact of teaching methods for reading on neural tuning to words in young poor readers
Lochy, Aliette; van de Walle de Ghelcke, Alice; Schiltz, Christine

Poster (2019, September)

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See detailCortical networks in learning to read
Lochy, Aliette

Scientific Conference (2018, June)

See detailNeurosciences et lecture
Lochy, Aliette

Presentation (2018)

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See detailSelective visual representation of letters and words in the left ventral occipito-temporal cortex with intracerebral recordings.
Lochy, Aliette; Jacques, Corentin; Maillard, Louis; Colnat-Coulbois, Sophie; Rossion, Bruno; Jonas, Jacques

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2018), 115(32), 7595-7604

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See detailDoes Extensive Training at Individuating Novel Objects in Adulthood Lead to Visual Expertise? The Role of Facelikeness.
Lochy, Aliette; Zimmermann, Friederike G. S.; Laguesse, Renaud; Willenbockel, Verena; Rossion, Bruno; Vuong, Quoc C.

in Journal of cognitive neuroscience (2018), 30(4), 449-467

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See detailThe non-linear development of the right hemispheric specialization for human face perception.
Lochy, Aliette; de Heering, Adelaide; Rossion, Bruno

in Neuropsychologia (2017)

See detailLearning to read and hemispheric specialization for faces
Lochy, Aliette; Rossion, Bruno

Scientific Conference (2017)

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See detailLeft cortical specialization for visual letter strings predicts rudimentary knowledge of letter-sound association in preschoolers.
Lochy, Aliette; Van Reybroeck, Marie; Rossion, Bruno

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2016), 113(30), 8544-9

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See detailSpatial associations for musical stimuli: a piano in the head?
Lidji, Pascale; Kolinsky, Regine; Lochy, Aliette; Morais, Jose

in Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance (2007), 33(5), 1189-207

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See detailMultiple levels of letter representation in written spelling: evidence from a single case of dysgraphia with multiple deficits.
de Partz, Marie-Pierre; Lochy, Aliette; Pillon, Agnesa

in Behavioural neurology (2005), 16(2-3), 119-44

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See detailThe acquisition of arithmetic knowledge - an FMRI study.
Delazer, Margarete; Domahs, Frank; Lochy, Aliette; Bartha, Lisa; Brenneis, Christian; Trieb, Thomas

in Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior (2004), 40(1), 166-7

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See detailNumber processing and basal ganglia dysfunction: a single case study.
Delazer, Margarete; Domahs, Frank; Lochy, Aliette; Karner, Elfriede; Benke, Thomas; Poewe, Werner

in Neuropsychologia (2004), 42(8), 1050-62

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See detailDeficient arithmetic fact retrieval--storage or access problem? A case study.
Kaufmann, Liane; Lochy, Aliette; Drexler, Arthur; Semenza, Carlo

in Neuropsychologia (2004), 42(4), 482-96

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See detailSpecific order impairment in arabic number writing: A case-study.
Lochy, Aliette; Domahs, Frank; Bartha, Lisa; Delazer, Margarete

in Cognitive neuropsychology (2004), 21(5), 555-75

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See detailLearning complex arithmetic--an fMRI study.
Delazer, M.; Domahs, F.; Bartha, L.; Brenneis, C.; Lochy, Aliette; Trieb, T.; Benke, T.

in Brain research. Cognitive brain research (2003), 18(1), 76-88

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See detailTranscoding zeros within complex numerals.
Grana, Alessia; Lochy, Aliette; Girelli, Luisa; Seron, Xavier; Semenza, Carlo

in Neuropsychologia (2003), 41(12), 1611-8

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See detailWhen writing 0 (zero) is easier than writing O (o): a neuropsychological case study of agraphia.
Delazer, M.; Lochy, Aliette; Jenner, C.; Domahs, F.; Benke, Th

in Neuropsychologia (2002), 40(12), 2167-77

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See detailVerbal structure of numerals and digits handwriting: new evidence from kinematics.
Lochy, Aliette; Pillon, Agnesa; Zesiger, Pascal; Seron, Xavier

in The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology. A, Human experimental psychology (2002), 55(1), 263-88

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See detailThe odd-even effect in multiplication: parity rule or familiarity with even numbers?
Lochy, Aliette; Seron, X.; Delazer, M.; Butterworth, B.

in Memory & cognition (2000), 28(3), 358-65

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