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Life Time Contracts

Life Time Contracts: “Rethinking Contract Law”

The European Social Contracts Group (EuSoCo) and the Research Unit in Law at the University of Luxembourg have the great pleasure of inviting you to the conference:

Life Time Contracts: “Rethinking Contract Law”

Friday, 30 September 2016

University of Luxembourg

Supported by the Fond National de la Recherche, Luxembourg.
RESCOM 1232438



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The European Social Contracts Group

The European Social Contracts Group (EuSoCo), founded by a group of academics in 2005, focuses on three particular aspects of private law – consumer credit law, landlord-tenant law, and labour law – that collectively have an enormous impact on the daily lives of European citizens.

The European Commission and the European Parliament have already sought solutions for a harmonised EU system of contract law based on the sales contract model. However, EuSoCo believes that this focus is too narrow, and that further research is needed with respect to long-term labour, tenancy, and consumer credit contracts providing individuals with goods, services, and opportunities for work and income creation. EuSoCo calls such arrangements Life Time Contracts (LTCs), identifying and refining the common rules and principles in these areas of law to develop a better normative platform for LTCs throughout Europe.

EuSoCo has already started its ambitious research initiative with the Life Time Contracts Project. In 2014, after several years of collective work and the exchange of ideas and experiences among its members, EuSoCo published its Declaration in the book: Life Time Contracts: Social Long-term Contracts in Labour, Tenance and Consumer Credit Law (L. Nogler & U. Reifner (eds.), Eleven International Publishing 2014). The book was received enthusiastically, garnering positive reviews from several law journals throughout Europe (e.g., European Review of Contract Law, European Law Journal,Revue Trimestrelle de Droit Civil,Giornale di Diritto del Lavoro e delle Relazioni Industriali,Informacion Bibliografica Española y Comparada,Nueva Revista Española de derecho del Trabajo).


The University of Luxembourg’s EuroPriLex Group on European private law presented EuSoCo’s book to the Luxembourg, European, and international legal community through a well-attended presentation conducted at the end of 2013, just before the book’s publication. That presentation succeeded in opening the scientific discussion and laid the groundwork for continuing research and discourse.

Now, EuSoCo intends to continue its project by deepening the understanding of the legal framework surrounding LTCs, taking into consideration the EU’s latest policy priorities. The one-day international symposium to be held at the University of Luxembourg at the end of September 2016 will represent the kick-off of this new stage.

A pre-conference meeting, animated by EuSoCo members, will take place Thursday, 29 September 2016 at 18.00, to discuss the present and future developments of the EuSoCo project.




  Eventbrite - life-time-contracts-rethinking-contract-law-registration-26778304630