Current research themes include:


European Securities Regulation

Following the financial crisis, the European Union (EU) legislator expanded and deepened the scope of European securities law moving towards the creation of a Single Rule Book (SRB).

This raises many new and important legal questions the Business Law group is working on:

  • What are the legal issues stemming from the substantive regulations adopted? Will the EU succeed in establishing a SRB?
  • What should be the scope of the SRB and what place should remain for regulators from Member States in this new environment?
  • Would the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the new EU supervisory body, succeed in promoting supervisory convergence?


European Banking Regulation

The Eurozone crisis has led to the centralisation of supervisory powers at the level of the European Central Bank (ECB), despite securities law.

This is a very positive development. Together with the interventions of the ECB in the debt sector, centralisation of supervisory powers has helped to stabilize the Eurozone banking system.

However it also raises many legal questions investigated in the EUBAR project.


European Company Law

The Commission adopted in 2012 an Action Plan on company law and corporate governance.

This Action Plan has led to the introduction of recommendations directives like the proposal of the directive on single-member private limited liability companies and the reform of previous directives covering listed and non-listed companies. The European Commission is also considering other initiatives.

Members of the Business Law group are working on these developments.