Research Areas

The Research Unit in Law focuses its research activities on 10 research areas:


Business Law, with a focus on banking and financial law & company law at European, international and Luxembourg levels;

Civil Law in Luxembourg;

Criminal Law, on European criminal law & economic and financial criminal law;

European Private Law, on the study of the influence of supranational European systems on the branches of private law;

European Public Law, on the analysis of the European Union’s constitutional, administrative, economic and regulatory law and the international dimensions of European legal integration;

FinTech & Digitalisation;

International Law, with an emphasis on international human rights law and international investment law;

Philosophy of Law, on legal philosophical and legal theoretical research;

Space, Communication and Media Law, covering space activities, telecommunication, information technologies and services, media, intellectual property, and data protection;

Tax Law, focusing on research in legal and economic aspects of taxation, particularly on cross-border taxation issues.