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PhDs with other affiliations

Our academics also supervise PhDs affiliated to other departments of the University or to other institutions.

Here is the list of these PhDs:

Katherine Ford (DBCS) /  Supervisor: Anja Leist (DBCS)

Research interests: Quantitative Methods, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Cognitive Ageing

Thesis title: Work, gender, and cognitive health

Katherine joined the INSIDE research unit as a PhD candidate in January, 2018. She received a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and has a Master of Public Health from École des hautes études en santé publique in Paris, France.  She has experience working on public health related projects with a number of reputable charitable organizations including the British Heart Foundation and the International Diabetes Federation. Her interests lie in the field of social epidemiology for chronic disease. Her current research explores the relationship between psychosocial conditions at work and cognitive health in older employees.

Giuseppe Grasso (LISER) / Supervisor: Konstantinos Tatsiramos (DEM/LISER)

Research interests: Labour Economics, Applied Micro-Econometrics

Thesis title: Labour Market Effects of Policy Interventions

Giuseppe Grasso is a PhD student at the Doctoral School in Economics and Finance (DSEF) of the University of Luxembourg and at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). His research, supervised by Prof. Konstantinos Tatsiramos, focuses on evaluating the effect of policy and institutional changes on labour market outcomes. Before starting the doctoral program, he worked at the World Bank – studying the extent and drivers of income inequality in Mauritius – and then, as part of a research grant, at the Bank of Italy – conducting microsimulation of income support measures to appraise their impact on poverty, inequality and work incentives. He holds a MSc Economics from Milan’s Catholic University.

Adda Carla Justiniano Medina (LISER) / Supervisor: Maria Valentova (LISER)

Research interests: Labour Markets, Immigration, Integration, Inequality, Gender Gap

Thesis title: Civic Engagement and the Integration of Immigrants

Short description:

Adda Carla graduated from BA at the University of Genova, Italy in Economics and Commerce, then enrolled in a joint master in Economic Development and Growth in University Charles III from Madrid, Spain and University of Lund in Sweden.
A combination between personal experiences and academy drove her interest towards research in her current project. Her goal ​is to disentangle and find determinants of the integration of immigrant women.


Giorgia Menta (DBCS) / Supervisor: Conchita d'Ambrosio (DBCS)

Research interests: Applied Microeconomics, Household Economics, Gender Inequality, Genoeconomics

Thesis title:  Essays on the intergenerational transmission of economic inequality

Giorgia Menta is a PhD student in Economics at the University of Luxembourg. Before, she received her MSc degree in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University in Milan and had experiences working for international organizations, such as the United Nations ESCAP and the EU’s Directorate-General for Competition.

Her PhD thesis revolves around the topic of intergenerational transmission of economic inequality. She uses a variety of cohort studies from the UK to explore the link between parental socio-economic status and children’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills, with a particular focus on the biological channels (such as DNA methylation) through which stressful life events affect individuals and their later-life outcomes. Her research further encompasses the analysis of gender inequality in relation to labour market outcomes such as labour market participation, the housework gender gap, and customer discrimination.

Maximillian Schiele (DSS) / Supervisor: Louis Chauvel (DSS)

Research interests: Interdependence of Migration and Inequality

Thesis title: Inequality, Stratification and Migration

After gaining his Abitur in Bavaria (Germany) Maximilian Schiele gained his Bachelor in Sociology in Bamberg. His Bachelor Thesis was on the effects of migration on the local labor market. His education in Bamberg was accompanied by a two semester Study abroad in Busan (South-Korea). After gaining his degree in Bamberg, Maximilian continued his sociological education with a Master at the University of Amsterdam. His Master thesis explored the motivations of asylum seeker stranded in Calais (France) on their way to the UK. Maximilian started his PhD in Sociology under the supervision of Louis Chauvel at the University Luxembourg in March 2017.


Rhea Ravenna Sohst (DSS) / Supervisor: Philippe Van Kerm (DSS/LISER)

Research interests: Integration, Immigration & Inequality, Future of Migration

Thesis title: Where and why does integration work?

Ravenna Sohst is a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). Her research interests are centered around empirical analyses of immigrant integration, inequality and social policy. Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg, she worked at the OECD’s International Migration Division and completed a MSc in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations MERIT University/Maastricht University. 

Alper Ünsal (LISER) / Supervisor: Bertrand Verheyden (LISER)

Research interests: Labour Economics, Economics of Migration

Thesis title: Understanding how public policies affect integration, migratory trajectories (including subsequent and return migration) and immigrants’ ties with the home country

Alper Ünsal is a Ph.D. student at the Doctoral School in Economics and Finance (DSEF) of the University of Luxembourg and at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) since October 2018. He obtained an M.Res. in Economic Analysis from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, an M.A. in Economics from Boğaziçi University and a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Boğaziçi University. He also undertook two research assistant positions at the Department of Economics of Boğaziçi University. Alper’s main research interests lie in the fields of Economics of Migration, and Labour Economics. His current research focuses on the role of language barrier on underutilization of immigrants’ skills, and evaluating related public policies potentially affecting labour market outcomes. He writes his thesis under the supervision of Dr. Bertrand Verheyden.

Bastian Krieger (ZEW) / Supervisor: Katrin Hussinger (DEM)

Bastian Krieger is a doctoral student at the Doctoral School of Economics and Finance at the University of Luxembourg and researcher at the ZEW Mannheim’s Research Department Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics. His research focus is on the empirical analysis of issues related to the economics of innovation. His current projects combine community innovation survey data with information on firms’ public procurement awards, service trades, local universities, and publication activities to tackle research questions related to the transfer and diffusion of knowledge. The PhD research of Bastian is supported by the INNcentive programme of the German Academic Foundation and University of Bremen and the Pierre Werner Scholarship of the Fondation de Luxembourg.
Bastian completed the double master programme in economics of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He participated in doctoral courses at the University of Mannheim as a visiting student and he is a guest researcher at the Research Data Centre of the German Federal Bank. In addition, he visited KU Leuven as a visiting scholar and gave lectures in microeconomics in Milwaukee and in statistics at the Corporate State University Baden-Württemberg.