CREA Conferences

CREA was founded in 1994, and was then part of the CRP Gabriel Lippman. It was founded by a bunch of young and dynamic Luxembourg economists, convinced that Luxembourg needed a place where modern economic methods would be used to examine economic policy issues. One of the very first research projects conducted by CREA was about evaluating the competitiveness of the Luxembourg economy, already then. Since then, the University of Luxembourg has been created, CREA expends its activity in Economics and Management and became the Centre in Economics and Management.

The ambition of CREA is to be recognised as a centre of research excellence in Economics and Management. Its mission includes three tightly connected activities: contribution to top-level scientific research programmes and networks, provision of advanced quantitative education in Economics and Management and the dissemination of knowledge and expertise in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

During 2014, there will be special events to celebrate CREA 20th anniversary. All those conferences will nicely illustrate CREA’s primary objective: to be a place where modern economic and econometric methods are used to investigate economic policy issues.