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The Sequencing Platform at the LCSB

The sequencing platform at the LCSB offers next-generation sequencing services. The platform has a NextSeq500 and a MiSeq sequencer from Illumina, and a MinION nanopore sequencer from Oxford Nanopore Technologies, which allow for high flexibility when it comes to different sequencing needs.

For first-time users as well as for researchers with new projects, we encourage to meet in person and discuss the project objectives and goals. It helps us understand your needs, which are almost unique for every project. Following our discussion, we offer our best advice and recommendations related to best practices to obtain the relevant and good quality sequencing data. Some of the points that we suggest considering for your sequencing projects are:

  • How many samples (number) are necessary to obtain a robust result?
  • How are these samples collected?
  • Which DNA/RNA isolation technique is optimal?
  • How is better RNA integrity achieved?
  • How many biological replicates are necessary?
  • How much sequencing data coverage (depth) is required?