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Bioinformatics Platform






This platform is managed by the Bioinformatics Core and offers expertise for data management and data analysis as well as infrastructure for large data storage. The services include:

  • Support for the development of electronic data capture based on controlled vocabulary in CDISC standards
  • Support for storage in suitable tools for analysis such as tranSMART
  • Access to a powerful genome analysis pipeline to interpret data from exome and whole genome data 
  • Access to other bioinformatics tools developed to interpret differentially expressed genes within pathways and networks.
  • Development of advanced dynamic visual analysis workflows and libraries (e.g. Fractalis) based on machine learning approaches and tools (e.g. ADA) for the integration of heterogeneous data across different data types and disciplines
  • Support for data visualisation through virtual and augmented reality, as well as disease map approaches, such as the Parkinson’s disease map (PD map)

The Bioinformatics Core also manage the Luxembourgish Node of the European bioinformatics infrastructure ELIXIR and serves as an international data hub for clinical and translational medicine data. To know more, visit the ELIXIR-LU website.

The Bioinformatics Core develops and/or maintains several web services and bioinformatics tools. The detailed list and links to the different web services are available here. The bioinformatics tools are listed in an open repository called and managed by ELIXIR. Check out the tools developed by