From left to right: Christine Marszalek, Laurence Juvan, Frédérique Bertrand, Sofia Pereira, Aurélia Giovanangeli, Véronique Briche

The secretaries, who form the LCSB assistant team, support the scientists to navigate through the administrative environment at the University of Luxembourg. Each secretary is responsible for multiple research groups. They support in business trip arrangements, travel expense accounting, purchase orders and invoice arrangements, office supplies, time-sheet management, organization of meetings, guest and newcomer coordination, access badge management and many more.

Making sure the researchers feel comfortable in their new groups, involves more than just providing the right working conditions. Especially in an environment as international as the LCSB, it is important for guest researchers and scientists from other countries to feel welcome. Therefore, the assistant team helps them become acquainted with the foreign culture. The motto of the assistant team is: `no question is too absurd to be answered`. Special handbooks with tips and tricks about daily life at the LCSB, have been compiled over the years by the assistant team and others and help to guide people.


- Caroline BELOT

- Véronique BRICHE


- Laurence JUVAN

- Christine MARSZALEK