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Systems Biochemistry Group

The Systems Biochemistry group at the LCSB

From left to right: Siham Hachi, Khalid Kance, Edinson Lucumi, German Preciat, Dr. Sylvain Arreckx, Dr. Hulda Haraldsdottir, Diana El Assal, Dr. Massoud Ahookhosh, Jennifer Modamio Chamarro, Lemmer El Assal, Fatima Monteiro, Miguel Oliveira, Dr. Ronan Fleming

About the Systems Biochemistry Group

The mission of the Systems Biochemistry Group at the LCSB is to conduct fundamental research on systems of biochemical reactions in general, with particular application to Parkinson’s disease.

Systems biochemistry is the application of a systems approach to understand biochemistry. A systems approach consists of an iterative cycle of mathematical and computational modelling and quantitative experimental measurement. Mathematical and computational models are formal representations of biochemical knowledge that are used to propose hypotheses, design experiments and interpret experimental results. Quantitative experimental measurements are used to test hypotheses generated by the model and generate data used to refine the model.

The synergistic and interdisciplinary objectives of the group are:

  • to develop generally applicable mathematical optimisation algorithms and software for variational kinetic modelling of genome-scale biochemical reaction systems
  • to iteratively improve the predictive capacity of computational models by development of generally applicable algorithms and software for integration of such models with experimental data
  • to develop computational models of dopaminergic neurons which are applied to optimally design in vitro experiments with dopaminergic neurons, to understand the aetiopathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease and to develop new approaches for early diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease
  • to develop an automated microfluidic cell culture and imaging platform for experimental characterisation of dopaminergic neurons in vitro.

The Systems Biochemistry Group is funded by:

National Centre for Excellence in Research in Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD)

Students interested in pursuing a master's degree at the interface of bioinformatics and experimental biology may want to consider our programme Master in integrated systems biology.

Principal Investigator

Associate Prof. Dr. Ronan Fleming (LCSB)