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Molecular & Functional Neurobiology Group

The Molecular & Functional Neurobiology group at the LCSB

From left to right: Dr. Simone Witzmann, Dr. Katja Badanjak (front), Jenny Ghelfi, Gideon Agyeah, Maria Tziortziou, Dr. Anne Grünewald (front), Dr. Carmen Venegas Maldonado, Dr. Sandro Pereira, Dr. Sylvie Delcambre, Patrycja Mulica. Missing: Dr. Giuseppe Arena, Soraya Hezzaz, Laura Neises, Dr. Sarah Nickels and Semra Smajic.

About the Molecular & Functional Neurobiology Group

The Molecular & Functional Neurobiology Group employs molecular, ‘omics’ and single-cell approaches to decipher the genetic and non-genetic origins of Parkinson’s disease (PD). We explore the role of the mitochondrial genome in the pathogenesis of idiopathic PD (IPD) using post-mortem and iPSC-derived tissues. We aim to identify novel cellular pathways, which may be targets for therapeutic intervention in the future. With regard to genetic PD, we are particularly interested in reduced penetrance, i.e. the phenomenon that despite the presence of a disease-causing variant, some individuals will never develop any signs of PD. Here, we aim to uncover disease progression markers as well as molecular mechanisms that can be modulated by drugs to delay the onset of PD.

The Molecular and Functional Neurobiology group was established under the auspices of the Luxembourg National Research Fund's ATTRACT Programme.