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Medical Translational Research

The motto of the Medical Translational Research group is to combine research with clinical care. Translational research is carried out in close collaboration with the Bioinformatics Core of the LCSB. The team, moreover, provides education on disease-related and general medical knowledge within the interdisciplinary environment of the LCSB. It emphasizes research activities among physicians in Luxembourg and the Greater Region consisting of Luxembourg, France and Germany. While actively providing clinical care to patients, the Medical Translational Research group forms the ideal link between bench and bedside. 

Many chronic diseases often share common underlying mechanisms such as inflammation, disturbed signalling or polyclonal proliferation. The interplay between chronic disease mechanisms are currently underexplored. The Medical Translational Research group is interested in exploring the nature of these common mechanistic features by employing NGS or omics methods to sample material from cell culture, mouse models and human clinical trials. Major foci of research are metabolism disorders, microbiome, cancer, inflammation and comorbidities, in addition to sequencing both familial and nonfamilial.