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Thea Maria Van Wüllen

Thea Maria Van Wüllen

Research Support Technician

Faculté ou Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Department LCSB Infrastructure
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Bureau sur le campus BioTech II, 1.04
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 5541

Technical Support

Last updated on: jeudi 05 mars 2020

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See detailPeptide-Imprinted Poly(hydroxymethyl 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Nanotubes for Detection of Alpha Synuclein in Human Brain Organoids
Lee, Mei-Hwa; Liu, Kuan-Ting; Thomas, James Louis; Su, Zi-Lin; O'Hare, Danny; van Wüllen, Thea Maria; Modamio Chamarro, Jennifer; Bolognin, Silvia; Luo, Shyh-Chyang; Schwamborn, Jens Christian; Lin, Hung-Yin

in ACS Applied Nano Materials (2020)

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See detailA complex of the ubiquitin ligase TRIM32 and the deubiquitinase USP7 balances the level of c-Myc ubiquitination and thereby determines neural stem cell fate specification
Nicklas, Sarah; Hillje, Anna-Lena; Okawa, Satoshi; Rudolph, Ina-Maria; Collmann, Franziska Melanie; Van Wüllen, Thea Maria; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Schwamborn, Jens Christian

in Cell Death and Differentiation (2018)

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See detailDerivation of Human Midbrain-Specific Organoids from Neuroepithelial Stem Cells
Monzel, Anna Sophia; Smits, Lisa; Hemmer, Kathrin; Hachi, Siham; Lucumi Moreno, Edinson; Van Wüllen, Thea Maria; Jarazo, Javier; Walter, Jonas; Werthschulte, Inga; Boussaad, Ibrahim; Berger, Emanuel; Fleming, Ronan MT; Bolognin, Silvia; Schwamborn, Jens Christian

in Stem Cell Reports (2017)

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