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Srikanth Ravichandran

Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

Postdoc in the Computational Biology group (Del Sol Lab)

Last updated on: mercredi 06 mai 2015

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See detailComputational Strategies for Niche-Dependent Cell Conversion to Assist Stem Cell Therapy
del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Okawa, Satoshi; Ravichandran, Srikanth

in Trends in Biotechnology (2019)

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See detailQuiescence Modulates Stem Cell Maintenance and Regenerative Capacity in the Aging Brain
del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Ravichandran, Srikanth

in Cell (2019)

See detailModeling Cellular Differentiation and Reprogramming with Gene Regulatory Networks.
Hartmann, Andras; Ravichandran, Srikanth; Del Sol, Antonio

in Methods in Molecular Biology Series: Computational Stem Cell Biology (2019)

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See detailSigHotSpotter: scRNA-seq-based computational tool to control cell subpopulation phenotypes for cellular rejuvenation strategies.
Ravichandran, Srikanth; Hartmann, Andras; Del Sol, Antonio

in Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) (2019)

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See detailIntegrative Computational Network Analysis Reveals Site-Specific Mediators of Inflammation in Alzheimer's Disease
del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Ravichandran, Srikanth; Michelucci, Alessandro

in Frontiers in Physiology (2018)

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See detailTranscriptional synergy as an emergent property defining cell subpopulation identity enables population shift
Okawa, Satoshi; Saltó, Carmen; Ravichandran, Srikanth; Yang, Shanzheng; Toledo, Enrique M.; Arenas, Ernest; del Sol Mesa, Antonio

in Nature Communications (2018)

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See detailA systems biology approach to identify niche determinants of cellular phenotypes
Ravichandran, Srikanth; Okawa, Satoshi; Martinez Arbas, Susana; del Sol Mesa, Antonio

in Stem Cell Research (2016)

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