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Francoise Kemp

Francoise Kemp

Doctoral Researcher

Faculté ou Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Department Integrative Cell Signalling
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Bureau sur le campus BioTech II, 2.13
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 5799

PhD student in the Integrative Cell Signalling group (Skupin Lab)

Last updated on: vendredi 07 décembre 2018

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See detailPerformance of early warning signals for disease re-emergence: A case study on COVID-19 data
Proverbio, Daniele; Kemp, Francoise; Magni, Stefano; Goncalves, Jorge

in PLoS Computational Biology (2022), 18(3), 1009958

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See detailModel-based assessment of COVID-19 epidemic dynamics by wastewater analysis
Proverbio, Daniele; Kemp, Francoise; Magni, Stefano; Ogorzaly, Leslie; Cauchie, Henry-Michel; Goncalves, Jorge; Skupin, Alexander; Aalto, Atte

in Science of the Total Environment (2022), 827

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See detailCOVID-19 Crisis Management in Luxembourg: Insights from an Epidemionomic Approach
Burzynski; Machado, Joel; Aalto, Atte; Beine, Michel; Haas, Tom; Kemp, Francoise; Magni, Stefano; Mombaerts, Laurent; Picard, Pierre M; Proverbio, Daniele; Skupin, Alexander; Docquier, Frédéric

in Economics and Human Biology (2021), 43

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See detailModelling COVID-19 dynamics and potential for herd immunity by vaccination in Austria, Luxembourg and Sweden
Kemp, Francoise; Proverbio, Daniele; Aalto, Atte; Mombaerts, Laurent; Fouquier d'herouël, Aymeric; Husch, Andreas; Ley, Christophe; Goncalves, Jorge; Skupin, Alexander; Magni, Stefano

in Journal of Theoretical Biology (2021)

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See detailDynamical SPQEIR model assesses the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions against COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks.
Proverbio, Daniele; Kemp, Francoise; Magni, Stefano; Husch, Andreas; Aalto, Atte; Mombaerts, Laurent; Skupin, Alexander; Goncalves, Jorge; Ameijeiras-Alonso, Jose; Ley, Christophe

in PloS one (2021), 16(5), 0252019

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See detailAssessing suppression strategies against epidemicoutbreaks like COVID-19: the SPQEIR model
Proverbio, Daniele; Kemp, Francoise; Magni, Stefano; Husch, Andreas; Aalto, Atte; Mombaerts, Laurent; Goncalves, Jorge; Skupin, Alexander; Ameijeiras-Alonso, Jose; Ley, Christophe

E-print/Working paper (2020)

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