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Research scientist

Faculté ou Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Department Scientific Central Services
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Bureau sur le campus BioTech II, 2.17
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 6723
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 36723

Postdoc in the Integrative Cell Signalling group (Skupin Lab)

Last updated on: vendredi 03 octobre 2014

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See detailStages of COVID-19 pandemic and paths to herd immunity by vaccination: dynamical model comparing Austria, Luxembourg and Sweden
Kemp, Francoise; Proverbio, Daniele; Aalto, Atte; Mombaerts, Laurent; Fouquier d'herouël, Aymeric; Husch, Andreas; Ley, Christophe; Goncalves, Jorge; Skupin, Alexander; Magni, Stefano

E-print/Working paper (2021)

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See detailDynamic insights on transcription initiation and RNA processing during bacterial adaptation
Lacoux, Caroline; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Wessner- Le Bohec, Françoise; Innocenti, Nicolas; Bohn, Chantal; Kennedy, Sean P.; Rochat, Tatiana; Bonnin, Rémy; Serror, Pascale; Aurell, Erik; Bouloc, Philippe; Repoila, Francis

in RNA (2020)

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See detailMutations in RHOT1 disrupt ER-mitochondria contact sites interfering with calcium homeostasis and mitochondrial dynamics in Parkinson's disease.
Grossmann, Dajana; Berenguer, Clara; Bellet, Marie Estelle; Scheibner, David; Bohler, Jill; Massart, François; Rapaport, Doron; Skupin, Alexander; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Sharma, Manu; Ghelfi, Jenny; Rakovic, Aleksandar; Lichtner, Peter; Antony, Paul; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Dimmer, Kai Stefan; Fitzgerald, Julia Catherine; Grünewald, Anne; Krüger, Rejko

in Antioxidants & redox signaling (2019)

See detailA Specialized Method to Resolve Fine 3D Features of Astrocytes in Nonhuman Primate (Marmoset, Callithrix jacchus) and Human Fixed Brain Samples.
Quesseveur, Gael; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Murai, Keith K.; Bouvier, David

in Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2019), 1938

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See detailLoss of inter-cellular cooperation by complete epithelial-mesenchymal transition supports favorable outcomes in basal breast cancer patients
Grosse-Wilde, Anne; Kuestner, Rolf E.; Skelton, Stephanie M.; MacIntosh, Ellie; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Ertaylan, Gökhan; del Sol, Antonio; Skupin, Alexander; Huang, Sui

in Oncotarget (2018), 9(28), 20018

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See detailAnalysis of mitochondrial metabolism in situ: Combining stable isotope labeling with selective permeabilization
Nonnenmacher, Yannic; Palorini, Roberta; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Krämer, Lisa; Neumann-Schaal, Meina; Chiaradonna, Ferdinando; Skupin, Alexander; Wegner, Andre; Hiller, Karsten

in Metabolic Engineering (2017)

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See detailAn observation of circular RNAs in bacterial RNA-seq data
Innocenti, Nicolas; Nguyen, Hoang-Son; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Aurell, Erik

E-print/Working paper (2016)

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See detailLoss of DJ-1 impairs antioxidant response by altered glutamine and serine metabolism
Meiser, Johannes; Delcambre, Sylvie; Wegner, André; Jäger, Christian; Ghelfi, Jenny; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Dong, Xiangyi; Weindl, Daniel; Stautner, Constantin; Nonnenmacher, Yannic; Michelucci, Alessandro; Popp, Oliver; Giesert, Florian; Schildknecht, Stefan; Kraemer, Lisa; Schneider, Jochen G.; Woitalla, Dirk; Wurst, Wolfgang; Skupin, Alexander; Vogt Weisenhorn, Daniela M.; Krüger, Rejko; Leist, Marcel; Hiller, Karsten

in Neurobiology of disease (2016), 89

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See detailConceptual Confusion: the case of Epigenetics
Oliveira Pisco, Angela; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Huang, Sui

E-print/Working paper (2016)

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See detailRelative Stability of Network States in Boolean Network Models of Gene Regulation in Development
Zhou, Joseph Xu; Samal, Areejit; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Price, Nathan; Huang, Sui

in Biosystems (2016), 142

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See detailStemness of the hybrid Epithelial/Mesenchymal State in Breast Cancer and Its Association with Poor Survival.
Grosse-Wilde, Anne; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; McIntosh, Ellie; Ertaylan, Gökhan; Skupin, Alexander; Kuestner, Rolf E.; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Walters, Kathie-Anne; Huang, Sui

in PLoS ONE (2015), 10(5), 0126522

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See detailWhole genome mapping of 5' ends in bacteria by tagged sequencing: A comprehensive view in Enterococcus faecalis
Innocenti, Nicolas; Golumbeanu, Monica; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Lacoux, Caroline; Bonnin, Rémy; Kennedy, Sean; Wessner, Françoise; Serror, Pascale; Bouloc, Philippe; Repoila, Francis; Aurell, Erik

in RNA (New York, N.Y.) (2015), 21(5), 1018-1030

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See detailPro-inflammatory macrophages sustain pyruvate oxidation through pyruvate dehydrogenase for the synthesis of itaconate and to enable cytokine expression
Meiser, Johannes; Kraemer, Lisa; Sapcariu, Sean; Battello, Nadia; Ghelfi, Jenny; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Skupin, Alexander; Hiller, Karsten

in Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015)

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See detailRegulatory crosstalk between type I and type II toxin-antitoxin systems in the human pathogen Enterococcus faecalis.
Wessner, Francoise; Lacoux, Caroline; Goeders, Nathalie; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Matos, Renata; Serror, Pascale; Van Melderen, Laurence; Repoila, Francis

in RNA biology (2015), 12(10), 1099-1108

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See detailDirect elicitation of template concentration from quantification cycle (Cq) distributions in digital PCR
Mojtahedi, Mitra; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Huang, Sui

in Nucleic Acids Research (2014), 42(16), 126

See detailDiscrete Gene Network Models for Understanding Multicellularity and Cell Reprogramming: From Network Structure to Attractor Landscape
Zhou, Joseph Xu; Qiu, Xiaojie; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Huang, Sui

in Eils, Roland; Kriete, Andreas (Eds.) Computational Systems Biology (2014)

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See detailRNA-mediated Control of Bacterial Gene Expression: Role of Regulatory non-Coding RNAs
Mandin, Pierre; Toledo-Arana, Alejandro; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Repoila, Francis

in Meyers, Robert (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Cell and Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine. RNA Regulation (2013)

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