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Rudi Balling's Goodbye lecture series - Prof. David Leigh

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Date de l'événement : jeudi 23 septembre 2021 16:00 - 18:00
Lieu : WebEx

After being the director of the LCSB for 12 years, Prof. Rudi Balling is retiring. For this very special occasion, the LCSB is organising a Goodbye lecture series to honour him. This lecture series brings together internationally renowned scientists from different disciplines who will share their perspectives on major challenges of future scientific research and interdisciplinary approaches to solve them.

The second lecture will take place online on 23 September.

Speaker : Prof. David Leigh

Making the tiniest machines

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the technological potential of controlled molecular-level motion is to recognise that molecular machines lie at the heart of every biological process. Nature has not repeatedly chosen this solution for achieving complex task performance without good reason. In stark contrast to biology, none of mankind’s myriad of present day technologies exploit controlled molecular-level motion in any way at all: every catalyst, every material, every pharmaceutical, all function through their static or equilibrium dynamic properties. When we learn how to build artificial structures that can exploit molecular level motion, and interface their effects directly with other molecules and the outside world, it will potentially impact on every aspect of functional molecule and materials design. An improved understanding of physics and biology will surely follow. (Download the poster)

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