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Rudi Balling's Goodbye lecture series

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Date de l'événement : jeudi 16 septembre 2021 16:00 - 18:00
Lieu : LCSB - BT2 - RIKEN conference room
6 avenue du Swing
4367 Belvaux

After being the director of the LCSB for 12 years, Prof. Rudi Balling is retiring. For this very special occasion, the LCSB is organising a Goodbye lecture series to honour him. This lecture series brings together internationally renowned scientists from different disciplines who will share their perspectives on major challenges of future scientific research and interdisciplinary approaches to solve them.

The first lecture will take place on 16 September in an hybrid format: online and at the LCSB.
(on-site option for staff only)

Speaker: Prof. Rudi Balling

Wicked problems: Mission impossible or the next frontier?

Today’s problems cannot be solved any more by a single person, organisation or discipline. Therefore, interdisciplinary cooperation and systems approaches have been widely adopted to cope with the complexity and uncertainty of our world. Big data and artificial intelligence penetrate almost every single aspect of our lives. However, we now realise the limitations of such a data driven toolbox. There are problems that seem to defy a solution. These are sometimes called “wicked problems”, that apparently have many possible, but no real solution. Each wicked problem is unique and involves social or cultural issues, touching upon a diversity of individual or societal values. As a result, a much deeper understanding of the stakeholders involved is necessary. I will give an overview and discuss some of the challenges related to wicked problems.
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Meeting Number: 188 472 3852
Meeting Password: sRmPsVPJ593


More information about the full programme of the lecture series