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PARK-QC DTU Annual Meeting 2020

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Date de l'événement : jeudi 06 février 2020 09:00 - vendredi 07 février 2020 16:00
Lieu : RIKEN Conference room, Biotech II,
Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine,
Campus Belval

This year’s PARK-QC annual meeting, organised by the students of the PARK-QC DTU, will feature external keynote speakers coming from both the academia and the industry. The talks will cover topics such as entrepreneurship, metabolic modelling, drug discovery and neuroscience.

Additional interactive workshops will be organised by the students to share their research and expertise, spacing between wet-lab and bioinformatics approaches to the study of neurological disorders.

The PARK-QC DTU annual meeting is open to members of the LCSB, the LSRU and the LIH. Registration is not needed, and participants can join at any time.