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Annual report 2019 – Discover our 10th anniversary edition!

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Publié le jeudi 07 mai 2020

The new annual report of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biology (LCSB) is now available for download. Browse through its pages to read all about our 2019 activities, reminisce about the events organised for the LCSB anniversary and get to know our team!

The 2019 annual report highlights how the LCSB has evolved over the past ten years, growing from an idea on a blank canvas to a full-fledged interdisciplinary research centre. A timeline is taking the reader through some of the milestones that marked the last decade, while boxed text throughout the report focus on topics that LCSB researchers have studied for years.


This edition also underlines the importance of science outreach and how the LCSB always aims to convey its passion for science and share research results with a large audience. From public events such as the “Mind the Brain” exhibition, to awards for great research projects and hands-on activities for young people, outreach is the vehicle that brings science to the people.


Finally, the report shines a light on the LCSB members: 230 people from 49 countries, with a wide range of scientific backgrounds. Researchers, technical support and administrative staff working together to solve today’s burning questions about brain diseases. This is what the LCSB team – present or past – looks like: diverse, interdisciplinary and hard-working!