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Third edition of the UL International Summer School

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Publié le lundi 19 août 2019

The International Relations Office hosted the third edition of its International Summer School ULISS. ULISS targets mainly, but not only, bachelor and master students from our partner universities outside of Europe.

ULISS took place from July 08th until July 26th . ULISS has provided language classes, either French or German, combined with an inter-disciplinary exploration of Europe and the European Union. The programme was also included several trips within Luxembourg as well as to its neighbouring countries, namely Germany and Belgium.

This three-weeks summer programme targeted international students mainly from Asian and American Partner Universities. The main aim of the programme was to achieve reciprocity in student exchange agreements with partner universities. For more information on ULISS you can click here or send an email to

This year a total of 25 students came from 13 different countries (Armenia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA) took part in the programme.