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Disability & Learning Support (Inclusion)

Disability and Specific Learning Difficulties

The Inclusion Office offers advice to staff, students and visitors and strives to promote inclusivity across the University.

We will support and assist anyone with a disability, including specific learning difficulties, mental health needs and with physical and unseen disabilities.

Changes to Student Support due to COVID-19

The Inclusion team is offering a blended and connected approach to advice, guidance and support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This means support is available in a combination of in-person and online formats to ensure you have the proper access to the support you need. If you are offered an in-person appointment, you will have to follow all relevant safety precautions.

Please first read the Reasonable Adjustments Guide for more information.

The Inclusion team is available via video, WhatsApp, email and phone. Where necessary and possible, face-to-face meetings with a team member may be possible, in compliance with all appropriate safety measures.

To access support and arrange an appointment with Joanna West or Marcela Zambrano via the online KaraConnect platform, simply click the link below.

The platform KaraConnect works best with the browser Google Chrome (Firefox and Edge work fine too). Please do not use Internet Explorer.

You can also reach the Inclusion team by email or by contacting

Joanna West

Team Leader Student Services

Phone: +352 46 66 44 6783



Marcela Zambrano


Phone: +352 46 66 44 5980




Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are the steps the University can take to ensure a student with a disability or additional need is not put at a disadvantage compared to other students on the same course without a disability

Who decides what reasonable adjustments I need?

Firstly, you will meet with Joanna West or Marcela Zambrano to discuss your situation and the reasonable adjustments available to you. Your file and supporting documentation will be forwarded to the Reasonable Adjustment Committee for approval.

What are reasonable adjustments?

Reasonable adjustments are defined by the University Law 27 June 2018

Section IV:Art.38-Art.39.


To have a reasonable adjustment put in place, please contact the Reasonable Adjustment Committee by email